The Rumor Mill - Week 6

We've made it to week 6 of The Rumor Mill. This week let's talk about trade. For anyone unfamiliar, here are some generalities about trade goods in the Fellport-adjacent corner of Beneterra.

The highest quality linen and leather goods come from Okular. The finest stone, gems, and metals make the Molten Throne rich. Alfinwald wood can't be beat, and their variety of fruits and herbs truly astound. The Ionian Republic introduced a standard system of weights and measures to insure fair trading, and many nations still use worn Ionian denarii as standard gold piece equivalents even though they're silver. Ionia built a reputation for the best refined goods in the world, especially carts, but many challenge that assumption today. Dunhill produces two main exports: whiskey and wool, though their metallurgy is nothing to scoff at either. Nelendi has the market cornered on pearls, which concerns anyone needing them for components.

Here are a few rumors involving trade that may make you a few coins, or give you a place to start when you look to purchase something specific.

1Okulari weavers produce a tightly woven linen that can repel water.Yes1
2Adamantium weapons and armor only come from Molten Throne forges.Maybe2
3Nelendi cities don't tolerate air breathers, which makes trade difficult.No3
4Many call Dunhill whiskey "Liquid Gold" because it's worth so much.Maybe4
5Fellport produces and sells more magic items than anywhere else in the world.Yes5
6Alfinwald jewelry is so expensive because metal is scarce in the forest.No6
7Ionian traders drive hard bargains, but they have the widest variety of goods.No7
8Nelendi, Alfinwald, and Molten Throne traders all offer bioluminescent lamps.Yes8

1 - Imagine modern canvas made of a lighter-weight linen. Okulari tents protect from the elements with less weight.
2 - The dwarves jealously guard their adamantium production, but you can buy smuggled ingots with plenty of coin.
3 - Most Nelendi cities maintain market rafts to trade with air-breathing folk. Most also offer underwater bubbles for city visits.
4 - Dunhill produces the world's best whiskey, but some definite rotgut brands exist, like Downpour Glen and Hillsmoke.
5 - Having the College in town attracts the best minds for arcane magics. Many students create magic items for credit.
6 - Rumors say that mithril comes from trees somehow. Wood jewelry is common in Alfinwald, and metals are not scarce.
7 - Okular would like a word. Okulari traders exclusively control the flow of silk from the Yamagura Empire to the far west.
8 - Nelendi Moonclams (green), Alfinwald Lichen Lamps (purple), and Molten Throne Fire Fungus (orange) are all staples.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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