Reed Bellamy

Reed Bellamy usually handles deliveries for his father's business, the Alabaster Ale Works. He tries to take all the delivery runs near the College especially, including The Philosopher's Stone Tavern. He wants to learn magic, as he has potential, but he never seems to find the time to study since his father keeps him busy with deliveries and "learning the business" even though he finds brewing boring.

Six months ago he did a job for one of the professors at the College on a lark, but he got caught stealing a book from another professor. Now he's working for each of them to steal things from the other in a vain attempt to work off his guilty conscience. Usually these excursions take place after delivering beer all day, and he's just tired. He jots down his observations about security holes on campus, and he wants to write up a report for the College leadership, maybe as a consultant or a full-blown employee. On the upside, during his thievery war he did manage to steal a couple of first year textbooks that neither professor has missed yet, and he works on casting cantrips when he can keep his eyes open at night. (Note: He'll take Arcane Trickster next level, and look out world.)

Reed lives up to his name, tall and thin with a tousle of dark brown hair. His freckles and dimples fight for which looks cuter on his boyish face. He attracts romantic attention, but he doesn't feel like he has the time to waste on dating, so he turns every offer down in the nicest possible way. He just turned 18, but everyone in town knows him as the Ale Guy since he's been delivering almost entirely on his own for the past 5 years. He enjoys the puzzle of burglary, and he doesn't quite realize how much power he has access to in his social network. 

He jokes with everyone and remembers to ask everyone about friends and family. He doesn't want to deliver for the rest of his life, but he has a huge list of people who owe him favors because of it. He also manages to make some deals on the side for a little extra income, easily hidden in his normal delivery routes. Rumors say the Lakeside Six have recently extended an invitation for Reed to join their family, but he denies it.

Reed Bellamy
Human Rogue (Level 2) (Noble Background; Skill Expert Feat)
Str 12  Dex 16  Con 12  Int 14  Wis 8  Cha 14
Arcana +4, Deception +4, History +4, Investigation +4, Persuasion +6*, Sleight of Hand +7*, Stealth +7*

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