Alabaster Ale Works

On the Lakeside of Greenmarket on Level 15, a short rectangular building made of translucent white stone has stood for 150 years overlooking the harbor. Its design references Ionian marble designs, but with a more modern twist, as a magically fortified alabaster forms the structure. Created by a long-dead human transmuter with more money than sense, everyone calls it Alabaster House even though nobody lives there any more.

A group of five well-funded brewers bought Alabaster House about 50 years ago and started selling their creations under the name Alabaster Ale Works. They commissioned two dozen fermentation vessels out of fortified alabaster to keep with the company's theme, and they set to work. One by one the original brewers have retired or died off, selling or handing down their shares of the business to their children. Two families now run the brewery after buying out all of their uninterested co-owners: the Bellamys and the Spencers.

The Ale Works have inserted themselves into drinking establishments all over town, becoming a mainstay brand known throughout Fellport. They offer tours and tastings at the brewery as well as some limited direct sales (mostly filling growlers). Brewing equipment fills Alabaster House except for the small bar intended for tastings, preventing further expansion beyond the 48 fermentation vessels currently in use. However, the owners currently search for a location to house the Alabaster Tavern, now that they have a lead on a chef willing to work out recipes using their beers.

They focus on fast-fermenting ales and meads as their primary output, but they prepare one Imperial brew every month for sale in about a year's time. Their everyday offerings have names like Pastime (pale ale), Cream of the Crop (cream ale), Red Spire (red ale), Fellporter (porter), and Stout & Stormy (stout). They fill growlers at Alabaster House, and most drinking establishments in Fellport have all of these flavors on tap at any given time.

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