The Fellport Council

Since Fellport's founding 120 years ago, the Fellport Council has directed the city's direction and policies from the Council House in the heart of the city. Originally intended to cover the immediate concerns of the populace while remaining receptive to the people's needs, it started with four members, but later expanded to five plus an advisory member from the Fellport Watch. Some suggest that the council needs more diversity and maybe another seat or two, but those talks remain on hold along with many others.

Voting for Councilors happens every 3 years for Councilor At Large, and every 6 years for the other positions, so a typical election involves three Councilor races. The council appoints the Advisor of the Watch, though the Fellport Watch holds an internal vote to select one candidate for the council to approve or reject. Voting involves much hand-waving, as Fellport has no official census to verify citizenship, but most residents go with candidates nominated by the big groups in town. Firebrands have won elections in the past, but the city's non-political lean makes radical change difficult.

The council sets policy, maintains the treasury, entertains diplomats from all over, holds open meetings twice weekly, and settles citizens' disputes by open vote. The council feels like a small-town government at the upper limits of its usefulness, and everyone can feel some tension in recent meetings. Generally things roll along under their own inertia with the ubiquitous back-room deal to make things happen, but long-delayed large decisions will demand resolution in the near future.

Issues heading for a showdown include:

  • Elevating Advisor of the Watch to Councilor of Defense Affairs, as requested for decades
  • Codifying policy around refugees from foreign lands instead of handling every case individually
  • Creating a dedicated Court of Justice to handle all disputes
  • Streamlining taxes, fees, and tariffs, possibly by creating a separate Treasury Office
  • Setting policy on citizenship, including creating a Census Board to augment the Voting Board
  • Expanding the Council to seven seats with a second At Large seat (since deciding on another named seat keeps derailing the discussion)

Current Fellport Council Members

Councilor of Arcane Affairs: Tor-Nazar, High Diviner at the Free College of Collaborations Arcane
Councilor of Divine Affairs: Genevieve "Genna" Sinclair, Justicar of the Divinity Sanctum
Councilor of Domestic Affairs: Camilla Turner, Representative of the Merchants' Chamber
Councilor of Foreign Affairs: Lord Alonzo Hectoré, Diplomat-In-Exile from the Andalian Principality
Councilor At Large: Philomena "Mena" Glass, Speaker for the Dockworkers Union
Advisor of the Watch: Captain Olivia Drake, Ranking Officer of the Fellport Watch Reserves

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