Amos Dowd

Amos started life in Battan, the northernmost coastal city in Dunhill Confederacy. He grew tall and strong, encouraging rumors of giant ancestors, but early on he learned to talk his way out of problems instead of fighting. He always had a talent with magic, but he didn't need another reason to get picked on, so he hid it. He secretly used mending to fix his mistakes, prestidigitation for cleaning, and comprehend languages let him understand speech and script that he had no business knowing about. His parents trained him as a weaver and tailor, but like many in Dunhill, he left home and found work as a warrior.

He earned entry into the Gallowglass Mercenaries and made his name there for three years. During that time he struck up a friendship with a Goliath mentor, and Amos eventually talked him into teaching Runic. After learning the basics of runecraft, he pilgrimaged to Geldungur in the Surtsey Islands to study with Goliath elders for a year, pass the trials, and get his face tattoo (a horizontal blue stripe across his nose from ear to ear). He came back to Gallowglass and put in a couple more years' work, then retired and came to Fellport to work with the Goliath population there.

He found work at Sails & Lines, working his way up from weaver to shift supervisor to manager over 15 years, taking time off for the odd mercenary gig. In a surprising turn of events, Amos inherited the business when the old owner died 7 years ago. Now he leads the company with his team, and he still takes the occasional side job. He lives on a lovely estate in Talltown.

At fifty years old, his golden blonde hair shows streaks of silver, but his piercing blue eyes remain undimmed, still matching his tattoos. Middle age has not softened him as much as he feared it would. He maintains a rigorous physical workout regimen, always ready to get physical if needed. He usually comes across with a soft touch (he jokingly says "I'd rather deal with this than a Barbary Horde!" more often than he should), but he can still raise his voice and scare the pants off of people if needed. Everyone at Sails & Lines views him as tough but level-headed and fair, and other merchants seek him out to arbitrate disputes on a regular basis, preferring his judgement to the Council's.

Amos Dowd
Human (Goliath blood) Rune Knight Fighter (Level 8) (Guild Artisan Background; Magic Initiate Feat)
Str 18  Dex 10  Con 12  Int 13  Wis 10  Cha 14
Athletics +7, History +4, Insight +3, Intimidation +5, Persuasion +5

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