Trident Salvage

On the Lakeside of Level 2, across the street from Sails & Lines like everything past the Ramp, stands an ex-carriage house with a tarnished metal trident hanging above the double doors that dominate the front of the building. Small windows in each door let passers by peek in if they want. The neighborhood children make up stories of the trophies displayed within, sneaking peeks when they see Shaan leave for a job or a meal.

With the doors open, the space divides cleanly down the middle where a large work table serves as desk and meeting space. A long workbench runs the entire depth of the building with stations for sharpening blades, cleaning metal, repairing wood, and drying cloth or paper. Tools hang on the walls above the bench, well-organized and well-maintained. The left half looks like an antiquities museum storeroom. Solid shelves and cabinets line the wall, crammed with artifacts and trinkets, each with some specific meaning. Shaan remembers where and when she recovered each of her treasures, and can tell the story with enough enticement. A long boat hangs from the rafters should she need a floating base while on a job. A boat cart hides in the closet under the stairs, so she can roll it down the harbor herself if needed.

Shaan has built her business around recovering objects, mostly by diving shipwrecks. She caught the treasure-hunting bug early when she still lived with the rest of the Aquatic Elves a few miles out to sea. She mainly works on commission, leading with 50% but usually she lets herself get talked down to 25 or 30%. Sometimes she hears about a big score and needs to follow the rumors. She typically researches several stories at once looking for a solid lead, but she hasn't gone on one of her expeditions in a year and a half. Shaan always keeps at least one trophy from every job, gently nudging things around on her shelves to make room.

A staircase leads to the apartment above the shop. Shaan keeps a clean space to sleep in, complete with a secret room where she keeps a stash of treasure to sell. She maintains excellent relationships with several fences in town, and she will find and punish any who steal from her, as she demonstrated 4 years back. The thieves she hunted down either remain in prison to this day or have fled Fellport.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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