Silver Spear

Weapon (spear), very rare

Storm Giant smiths cast this stout 12 foot long spear from a single pour of silver while flying through the heart of a thunderstorm. It has a jagged lightning bolt head, and the entire shaft is embellished with a crazed lightning motif which improves the wielder’s grip, granting advantage on Strength saves to resist disarming attacks or other effects that attempt to force the wielder to drop the spear. It flickers with arcs of blue and white electricity, shedding bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet.

The silver spear grants the wielder resistance to lightning damage. When used as a conduit for lightning touch spells such as shocking grasp, it increases the touch range of the caster by 5 feet, and it increases the range of other lightning spells by 10 feet. The wielder may reroll any ones on dice of lightning damage done from a spell cast through the spear. The wielder also knows the direction and intensity of all damaging lightning effects within 10 miles, manifesting as a mild shock that grows in intensity as the source gets closer.

When lightning passes through the silver spear, either from a cast spell or the wielder taking lightning damage, it also gains a +1 enchantment bonus and an additional 1d6 lightning damage on a hit until the end of the wielder’s next turn. The temporary enchantment bonus stacks each time lightning passes through the spear, up to a maximum of +4. The bonus 1d6 lightning damage does not increase regardless of how many times the enchantment bonus triggers.

Several known copies of the Silver Spear exist across the world. One of them hangs well out of reach on the wall behind the reception desk in the main office of the Constabilia Arcanum, facing the quadrangle at the heart of the College. A glass case surrounds the spear against its dark wood mounting plaque. Silver letters inlaid in the plaque under the spear spell out one of the unofficial mottos of the Caps "Weather The Storm" in Common and "Sustinere Tempestatem" in Latin.

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