Pentadamas Diadem

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The Pentadamas Diadem (sometimes called the Fivefold Eye) embodies a tiny bit of essence from each type of gem dragon. Five strands of platinum weave together to make this headpiece, holding small amethysts, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and topazes in an intricate pattern. A larger clear sphere sits at the center of the wearer's brow, forming a third eye. When attuned, the platinum strands conform to the wearer's head and the Diadem becomes impossible to remove without dispel magic that defeats an 8th level spell. Even then the Diadem only goes dormant for 1 minute.

The wearer gains the ability to cast the mind sliver cantrip. The wearer also gains the ability to communicate telepathically with any intelligent creature within 30 feet. If the wearer already has telepathy from another ability, its range doubles while attuned to the Diadem. The wearer may also ritually cast rary's telepathic bond up to three times per day, but the telepathic link only extends to five willing creatures instead of eight.

The wearer can change the third eye's gem type with simply a thought once per round, however changing the gem type will end concentration on any spell cast using the Diadem. Each gem type grants the wearer resistance to a type of damage and the ability to cast a spell once per day without spending a spell slot. The wearer may cast the available spell by spending a spell slot or the specified number of psi points, if available. The wearer may spend a higher level spell slot to increase the effect of the spell.

Gem TypeResistanceSpell AvailableSpell SlotPsi Points
AmethystForcemind spike2nd level3
DiamondRadiantraulothim's psychic lance4th level5
EmeraldPsychicintellect fortress (5 targets)7th level7
SapphireThundersynaptic static5th level6
TopazNecrotictasha's mind whip2nd level3

When casting a spell using the Diadem, the third eye gem glows revealing a draconic vertical pupil within the gem. If a spell remains active or requires concentration, the gem's pupil will remain visible, looking around and occasionally blinking.

The wearer feels the empathic presence of a dragon's mind while attuned to the Diadem, a different specific personality corresponding to each gem type. Sometimes these personality traits will bleed into the wearer's consciousness, leading them to act out of character. Generally, amethyst causes curiosity and the desire to understand, diamond seeks to help and comfort, emerald wants to avoid people and the unknown, sapphire engenders bravery and aggression, and topaz fuels jealousy and the desire to destroy.

Some fear that the dragon essences it contains will eventually overwhelm the wearer's personality. Krannock Steelshanks had a challenge on his hands when he removed it from an erratic half-elven noble that nearly killed three people at a charity ball a dozen years ago. The Pentadamas Diadem currently sits in a lead-lined mahogany box locked away in the Forgotten Flat.

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