Tilly Redmoon

Tilly grew up around Dunhill, home to petty lords of constantly bickering clans who raided each other's villages for fun. She wanted to make something of her life, so she enlisted in her clan's warrior band. They discharged her soon after training because she can swing a sword, but she can’t take a hit. She focused on her lute skills after that and casting about learning whatever skills she could to figure out what she should do next.

She found she could make a living performing, but she hated the constant travel and couldn’t find a patron. She went adventuring once, but she went down in one hit in her first real combat. She wandered to Fellport where she joined the College of Lore to continue her studies, then spent a year apprenticed to an older alchemist. She lucked into a business opportunity when her mentor, the previous owner of The Crystal Beaker retired, and she’s still clearing out the cobwebs and establishing her spin on the ailing business.

She loves practical jokes, which makes her smoke pellets a best seller. She recently started selling Redmoon Restorative Lozenges, her own personal recipe for throat lozenges with a magical kick for bards. She knows the value of her wares, though she prices them a little lower than she should just to get attention. She’s honest to a fault, and she works hard to make good products and grow her business, but she still struggles to land her first big contract.

She usually wears her red hair in a single short braid. Her blue eyes sit above a field of freckles on pale cheeks. She still wears her longsword and kilted studded leather from her soldier days on occasion, but most days you'll find her wearing a leather apron over a plain tunic with rolled-up sleeves. Buy her a drink after closing and she’ll tell you stories about The Lost Library of Stonemoor, her current research obsession.

Tilly Redmoon
Half-Elf Lore Bard (Level 3) (Soldier Background)
Str 14  Dex 12  Con 8  Int 14  Wis 13  Cha 16
Arcana +4, Athletics +4, History +4, Intimidation +5, Investigation +4, Medicine +3, Nature +4, Performance +5, Sleight of Hand +3, Stealth +3

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