Redmoon Restorative Lozenges

Redmoon Restorative Lozenges
Redmoon Restorative Lozenges
Wondrous item, common

Tilly Redmoon sells small wax paper packs containing 10 Redmoon Restorative Lozenges for 5 gold pieces at her shop The Crystal Beaker. The package clearly warns against taking more than one per day. She worked out the recipe back when she spent all her time travelling and performing, needing to squeeze out one more song at the end of a long day. These brown lumps of hard candy taste of pine pitch and licorice with an earthy hint of mushroom, a salty dash of fermented soy sauce, and the dark sweetness of molasses.

When dissolved in the mouth over 10 minutes, each lozenge will make the consumer's throat feel better and restore one expended use of Bardic Inspiration. Using 2 or more lozenges without taking a short rest between them will make the consumer's throat go numb, making them lose their voice until after their next long rest.

Tilly only used these herself for years, but now that she owns an alchemy shop and all its debts, she will try selling anything to see if it catches on. The lozenges take very little active time to produce, though the steeping and cooling processes take a few days each. She makes 100 of them per batch, so she keeps her shelves well-stocked. She clearly tells anyone who buys them that they will not cure anything, merely make your throat feel better for a bit.

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