The multispout pours two glasses of different-colored liquid with just a twist.
Multispout in action
Wondrous item, uncommon

This red enameled metal and rubber cylinder magically fits into nearly any bottle, making it easier to pour the liquid without dribbling. A series of eight tiny runes have been inscribed around the outside circumference, the Infernal characters representing the numbers 1 through 8. An indicator line sits below the 1, implying that something might rotate to line up the line with the other numbers, but it doesn't move on first inspection. When inserted into a bottle, it acts as a regular pouring spout, allowing liquid in and out of the bottle as one might expect of a non-magical item.

When inserted into a bottle and experimented with over the course of an hour (during a short rest), other functions of the Multispout become clear. It requires a keyword in order to rotate the spout to a different number, which takes a simple ten minute ritual to set. A second keyword extends the spout into a small funnel for ease of filling the bottle or retracts it back to the regular spout, also set during the same ritual.

When set to the 1 position, liquid passes from or to the attached bottle; in all other positions the Multispout seals the liquid in the bottle. Positions 2 through 7 allow access to six extradimensional spaces which can store up to a gallon of liquid each. In the 8 position, the spout entirely seals the bottle to prevent any liquid from passing at all. Caustic liquids (strong acids or bases like Universal Solvent or lye) and temperature extremes (such as lava or liquid nitrogen) will not damage the Multispout, but they will immediately escape from the extradimensional space and disperse into the Ethereal Plane when poured in.

The Half-Elven conjurer Randir Greymantle created the first Multispout five years ago as a custom creation for Azeron at The Sacred Squid to impress customers at their bar and simplify pouring popular drinks with their tail. More pragmatically for adventurers, the Multispout easily attaches to a potion bottle or metal flask and stores up to seven potions (or gallons of oil, or water, or whatever liquid you can think of) in a single extremely portable container.

Randir has made a few Multispouts over the years, but he won't make any more to avoid being pigeonholed as "The Dude Who Makes The Magic Booze Bottle". He will gladly sell his notes detailing the procedure and refinements for 200 gold pieces, and he currently has eight copies of his notes remaining of the ten he had made.

Note: If you want to mess with your players, you can have one of the extradimensional spaces randomly lose its contents similar to a secret chest spell. They pour a potion in there, but the slot is empty when they go to drink it.

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