Azeron grew up in the Tiefling community of Yoobinaux, named for its founder, tucked in a valley in the foothills between the lowlands of the Barbary Tribes and the Alpen Range of the dwarves. The community downplayed the demonic elements of their heritage and impressed the value of hard work onto the younger residents, Azeron included. Azeron didn't take well to that particular doctrine, though they played along really well and managed to get groomed as an up-and-coming Elder. Once they started to figure out that something else motivated the Elders, they knew they had to escape Yoobinaux. When the Elders granted their request for the traditional Walkabout ten years ago, they left and never went back.

Azeron made their way south, through the Dunhill Confederacy and into Fellport. With the bewildering array of people in town, Azeron finally found a place to fit in. They answered an ad for a lockpicker and fell in with Damla Balik and Fianna Vita. This little team went on several adventures together and got into all sorts of trouble. Once they salvaged more treasure than they could feasibly spend in a lifetime, the three decided to change their fates and open a restaurant together. Azeron took on the role of bartender, spending a year studying other mixologists and consulting every book on mixing drinks that they could find. After spending a huge sum of gold on a solid location and the finest imported wood to remodel the old building, The Sacred Squid opened to much fanfare.

Currently in their late twenties, Azeron plays up their otherworldly physical features in a backlash against their Yoobinaux upbringing: dark purple skin, all-black eyes, a short pair of polished and pointed horns sprouting from the sides of their eyebrows, and jet-black hair cut in a mohawk. They've trained their tail to handle and pour drink bottles, and they enjoy speaking in Infernal or Orcish for the shock value. They see through lies easily, though they tend to use that information to verbally spar with strangers. For regular patrons and friends they will keep anything they figure out to themselves, only bringing it up in private in an attempt to help. Azeron doesn't trust easily, but they enjoy figuring people out. Bartending at a high-end restaurant manages to cover both goals in one lucrative and enjoyable pastime.

Tielfing (Dispater) Inquisitive Rogue (Level 6) (they/them) (Noble Background, Observant Feat)
Str 10  Dex 16  Con 8  Int 14  Wis 14  Cha 14
Acrobatics* +9, Deception +5, History +5, Insight* +8, Perception* +8, Sleight of Hand* +9

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