Damla Balik

Damla's ears and hair surprised her mother on the day of her birth. Her mother, Aphet Balik, made her name as a traveling entertainer all around the Okulari Steppes and bordering countries. She doesn't know much about Damla's father, and she met motherhood head on with only her friends and fellow performers to help.

When she came of age, Damla trained as a sage specializing in religious topics. She wanted to learn more, so she started wandering the world looking for all the stories she could find. She went to the sea, from Ionia to Dunhill, and even north to the Barbary Coast. She discovered she could swim like a full-blooded Aquatic Elf, and she spent some time underwater in Nenaer, the holy city of the Nelendi.

Despite all her research, Damla still knows nothing about her father. Depressed, she ended up in the High Dales, where she met Fianna Vita, a young and gruff Hominae Vitae hunter, eager to prove herself. They started taking odd jobs to pass the time, hiring others to fill gaps in their skills, but Damla and Fianna always formed the core of any group they traveled with.

Fianna brought Damla out of her depression over the years, and she convinced Damla to live in the present, not angry over not knowing the past. They grew very close, swearing themselves to each other about eleven years ago. Shortly after that, they came to Fellport and partnered up with Azeron, a purple Tiefling with social and lockpicking skills. Azeron and the couple settled into an odd little family unit, taking jobs and storing their gains until retiring and opening The Sacred Squid. The name pays homage to Damla's time in Nenaer. The three live over the restaurant in a spacious master apartment, and they occasionally rent out the other two smaller apartments to friends or patrons in need.

Damla adapts to new situations easily, and she tries to keep everyone calm so she can find the path where everyone leaves happy. She has nothing left to prove to anyone, so at this point she just wants to spread as much joy as possible. She cuts a striking figure, her bronze skin and blue-tinged blonde hair framing her intense sea-green eyes. She has mastered mimicry and gentle mockery of public figures, though her humor rarely turns mean, and she can rip out a flute tune like few others.

Damla Balik
Half-Elf (Okulari/Aquatic Elf) Lore Bard (Level 6) (Sage Background, Actor Feat)
Str 8  Dex 12  Con 12  Int 14  Wis 14  Cha 18
Animal Handling +5, Arcana +5, Deception +7, History +5, Insight +5, Investigation +5, Perception +5, Performance +7, Persuasion +7, Religion +5

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