Fianna Vita

Fianna has always had a hard time fitting in. While the rest of her family ran her hometown of Billis in the High Dales, working in politics, law enforcement, trading, and fine dining, Fianna found herself more at home in the mountains, hills, and forests outside the town. She spent hours hunting in an attempt to help her family in some small way, and she got quite good at it. She also learned about plants, herbalism, and botany while she was at it.

Fianna joined the Scouts as soon as she could, learning the bow and short sword on top of the rapier training she received at home. In the next few years she rose in the ranks, and she proved instrumental in repelling a large werewolf pack intent on looting the town. Her uncle took the majority of the credit for the town's defense, much to the Scouts' frustration. At that point Fianna knew for sure that she had to leave or live the rest of her life if her family's shadow. She quietly disentangled herself and put her affairs in order, and when a curious and depressed Half-Elf named Damla Balik came to town, Fianna leapt at the opportunity to accompany her to her next destination.

Fianna and Damla became partners, Fianna handling scouting and combat, and Damla handling other people and figuring out obscure things. The pair found their way into all manner of adventures, hiring others to help out when needed. Damla made Fianna feel wanted and valuable in a way that Fianna's family just couldn't, and they ended up partners personally as well, pledging their lives to each other about eleven years ago.

When they got to Fellport, they found a reliable lockpicker in the form of Azeron the purple-skinned non-binary Tiefling. The three of them recovered so much treasure over the next several years that they effectively retired from adventuring and created a fine dining experience in The Sacred Squid. Fianna doesn't have much time left for hunting with her duties running the kitchen, but she does maintain a rooftop garden to provide the freshest herbs and vegetables for the restaurant.

Fianna still can't take a compliment, but Damla's influence eases her ongoing discomfort with receiving praise. She comes out from the kitchen to talk with anyone who asks about her recipes, though she still feels awkward about it after six years. Fianna keeps her dark walnut hair long in a single braid. Her wide nose and brown eyes don't distinguish her from any other Halfling in her family, but her cooking, gardening, and hunting skills place her far above most people in Fellport.

Fianna Vita
Stout Halfling Hunter Ranger (Level 6) (Outlander Background, Chef Feat)
Str 12  Dex 16  Con 14  Int 12  Wis 15  Cha 8
Athletics +4, Perception +5, Nature +4, Stealth +6, Survival +5

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