Rumor Mill - Week 22

Since we focused on war last time, week 22 of The Rumor Mill covers diplomacy and related topics. Visit Fellport's lunch hotspot and catch all the ambassadors while they're eating! Try a brand new mushroom guaranteed to make you black out! Uncovers clues in the murder of the Ionian ambassador! Climb the Reception Stair and see the Lady at the Crossroads! Walk Diplomat's Row and get a glimpse of all the nations with embassies in Fellport (except Alfinwald)!

Buckle up, kids. International diplomacy always involves much more turbulence than you expect.

1More diplomacy happens over lunch at The Pacific than at the Council House.Yes1
2The Lady at the Crossroads faces the harbor with her hand raised in greeting.Maybe2
3The Reception Stair was built for formally receiving foreign visitors to Fellport.No3
4Puppet Mushrooms, a new variety, were recently discovered near the docks.Maybe4
5Hytt & Nyss Investigations is researching the murder of the Ionian Ambassador.Yes5
6The ambassador from Dunhill enjoys her nightly dram at Finnegan's.Maybe6
7The Monarch of Alfinwald wisely recognized Fellport's independence first.No7
8The residences along Diplomat's Row are decorated in the style of other countries.Yes8

1 - The Pacific serves breakfast and lunch on the other side of the Lift from the Council House. Diplomats love the food.
2 - The elf statue has stood at the edge of Council Plaza for centuries. Her upraised hand could be taken as greeting or warning.
3 - The stair leads down from Council Plaza, but it predates Diplomat's Row, originally leading to the mansion's lower gardens.
4 - Puppet Mushrooms were abundant 600 years ago, before the first inhabitants arrived in Fellport. They cause blackouts.
5 - The Ionian Ambassador's murder touched off the attack by 2 Ionian legions. Rumors say it was staged to incite war.
6 - Lady Fia Calder maintains strong and friendly ties with the Finnegan clan, but she does have other obligations some nights.
7 - Alfinwald had the 7 Hours' War with Fellport before the treaty. The Dunhill Confederacy was first, followed by Andalusia.
8 - Each residence becomes the sovereign territory of the resident diplomat's foreign country, and are decorated accordingly.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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