Just to the Lakeside of the Ramp on 5, three wooden buildings of various ages look like giants smashed them into a single structure. A tombstone in front of the wrap-around porch announces:

Croi An Phobail
Established Anno 445
Ascended At Liberation Anno 679

In Ionian reckoning, it's currently Anno 799, so Finnegan's has been around for quite a while. The second line is Occam for "Heart of the Community". It's one of those neighborhood boars that's been around forever, welcoming to regulars and guardedly cordial to newcomers.

The covered porch wraps around the entire building, giving a great view of the harbor and the outdoor artisan furnaces of the Fellport Glassworks on the level below. The porch's floor slumps in some areas, but it seems solid overall. Many tables, chairs, and stools can handle the crowds, and imperfect masts from Eventide Keelworks make a guardrail that could stop (and has stopped) a giant from falling to the level below.

Named by a carved wooden sign hung above the doorway reading "Auld Finnegan's", the oldest part of the building lies to the left after passing through the stout and broad wooden entry door with an unbreakable frosted oval window. A pair of ladders lead up to a hayloft with space for dozens of drunkards to sleep off the night's drink. A long table with a low casket in its center dominates the room. A small bar features all manner of Dunhill whiskeys, and a painted sign faded with age hangs above the bar declaring "Drinks half price during wakes." Most nights a body lies motionless in the casket, and all manner of revelers enjoy discounted whiskey.

The casket shows its age and stains from years of constant use, but many hands have lovingly polished the wood over the years and it it holds up remarkably well after 350 years. The oldest pub in Fellport still in use today, Finnegan's formed the heart of The Hills neighborhood back in Ionian days. Those from Dunhill who died (and there were many in the beginning) took comfort in knowing their wakes would be held at Finnegan's, and everyone would be there to say goodbye. The Finnegan family kept up the tradition through the years, but after the wake discount went into effect, people started volunteering to play dead for the evening so everyone would enjoy a discount.

The rules for playing Mr. or Ms. Boddie require perfect stillness from sundown to midnight, meaning Boddie ca neither move, speak, nor drink. For those with the fidgets, the bartender keeps an amulet of feign death on hand to keep Boddie still, though some with a meditative streak go without as a challenge. If Boddie moves or talks, they are responsible for paying back the discount for everyone who enjoyed a "wake discount" on their drinks. Patrons may not touch Boddie, but they are welcome to address Boddie with whatever words they wish. Many take the opportunity to raise toasts or even confess secrets to the "deceased", and some patrons "play Boddie" year after year as a way to keep connected with their friends and neighbors.

Old Finnegan's originally stood on Level 4, but the Glassworks kept expanding, so the year after Fellport declared independence the whole town came together to lift the building with cranes, ramps, magic, ropes, and brute strength. Every giant in town came out to help, and everyone able to cast levitate or telekinesis received credit and accolades from the College. It took two days to prepare the building for the one-hour move. Finnegan's still celebrates Ascension Day every year, two weeks after the Lightnight celebration at midwinter.

Three weeks after the first Ascension Day, New Finnegan's appeared as an addition. It features a larger bar, a small stage, and rooms for rent upstairs. The tables along the front wall have enough headroom for giants, though the front door is only 8 feet tall and still a bit of a squeeze. Recently Brand New Finnegan's opened, expanding the kitchen behind Old Finnegan's. They also added a few Nooks for private parties of up to 30 people, and a few suites for rent upstairs. The current owner, Tessa Finnegan, is a 12th generation descendant of the original owner, Tiernan Finnegan. She built Brand New Finnegan's to keep up with the rest of the upscale taverns and inns in Fellport, but she still gives scheduling preference to the local residents of The Hills. Anyone who shows a medallion proving they served as a Gallowglass mercenary will get a free dram and a discount on room and board.

The nights can get a little rowdy after the drinks have hit bottom, even after 350 years. Finnegan's will resist most damage from a brawl. Tessa says it's due to Dunhill craftsmanship, but the whole place reeks of Abjuration magic, down to the glasses and plates. That doesn't stop the observant from noticing patches in the walls and floors from centuries of light-hearted tavern brawls, giving the interior even more of a patchwork look than the exterior.

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