The Rumor Mill - Week 17

In this round of rumors we get a little mysterious for week 17 of The Rumor Mill. Several mysterious events and unanswered questions swirl around the streets of Fellport, some serious, some frivolous. Each of these would probably occupy an inquisitive party for a bit, or they could form the basis of an investigation campaign. Heck, maybe that will be my next game once the current campaign wraps up.

Some of these secrets will define part of a world, and others merely expose a single small piece of hidden infrastructure. Either way, they all stand ready for exploration by the curious party with time and resources to spend on them. Seek the truth!

1A demon appeared in lower Fellport and cut a line of destruction to the harbor.Yes1
2Ash Tanwen still maintains that someone murdered her parents 15 years ago.Maybe2
3Dragons were hunted to extinction centuries ago, making dragonborn very rare.No3
4A one-eyed pirate captain's ghost at Execution Wharf buried a powerful treasure.Maybe4
5Azeron doesn't talk about his past, but he comes from an all-tiefling village.Yes5
6The Urchins have mastered the tunnels under Fellport by mapping them all.Maybe6
7The Fellport Council had the Ionian ambassador killed to precipitate a war.No7
8Elvenhall conceals a teleport circle to Alfinwald and a gate to the Fey Realm.Yes8

1 - A Wastrilith escaped from the Forgotten Flat while Krannock Steelshanks was still missing in Demon on the Docks.
2 - Bahar and Conroy left their families and traded in magical items, so Ash has no shortage of suspects and no official help.
3 - Dragons left Beneterra as part of the Isolationist Pact with devils, demons, mind flayers, and fey, making dragonborn rare.
4 - Rob Rascal came from Dunhill, and he points the curious to the Isle of Darkness. Chances are it's just an empty deathtrap.
5 - They groomed him to lead Yoobinaux. He discovered the elders worked with devils, so he left for good a decade ago.
6 - The Urchins know a great deal, but that knowledge is verbal and localized. The Lakeside Six maintain the best tunnel map.
7 - If that's the case, the Fellport Watch was caught woefully unprepared to defend the city. Who would benefit from a war?
8 - That explains why nobody sees elven diplomats traveling to Fellport. Many have witnessed fey beasts prowling the grounds.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
For all city posts, see the Fellport Index. For posts about the wider world, see the Beneterra Index.

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