Terra's Bones

A large human-built utilitarian workshop squats against the Cliffside wall at the far end of the Artist's Quarter. The Fellport Watch maintained it in the early days of independence before consolidating their metalworking services in the base of the Lakeside Spire. It sat abandoned for decades, scavenged clean by the Watch, but it still had the strong memory of metalworking baked into its stone walls.

Ten years ago, a merchant named Ryn came to town looking for a workshop far off the beaten path. They found the old forge and petitioned the Fellport Council to use it, with support from the Monk of Paint, the de facto leader of the Artist's Quarter. The council agreed, and Ryn brought the place to life again, calling it Terra's Bones.

Ryn experiments with several media types, creating delicate sculptures, complex mobiles, and exquisite jewelry. Precious metal casting happens quite a bit, so one side room is dedicated to wax sculpting and clean sand for casting forms. Ryn installed a smaller forge in the main workshop area, which has enchantments that increases the fire's heat and limits the amount of smoke produced. The forge produces enough heat to work mithral and admantine, though Ryn only makes jewelry and art with those metals.

Ryn's latest experiments involve reductive crafting: carving and sculpting, so they moved an old workbench into the front storage room to make a studio. Ryn sculpts stone and carves wood here. Again, Ryn seems more interested in form and beauty rather than practical tools or fine weaponry.

A stout wooden workbench stained and scarred from years of use dominates the main room in front of the forge. Partial projects litter the top, each competing for space and attention. Projects stuck on hold migrate to the middle of the bench, scrunched together by exterior pressure from current projects. Sometimes old projects migrate to a high shelf on the side of the room, functionally complete until Ryn needs parts for something new. Most of these partial works could fetch a high price from collectors, as each have at least one element exquisitely done, even if the overall presentation remains unfinished.

The workshop could easily accommodate a dozen artisans or more, but Ryn apparently prefers to work with a small close-knit group, including a human Okulari woman named Ceylan and a tall dwarven man named Arend. The back room of the workshop contains a single chaise, a small kitchen area, and a large bookshelf containing titles on all sorts of crafting in several diverse languages. If the living area only supports a single person, why do so many different people appear in the shop? And why do we only see one person at a time in the workshop?

Ryn has exhibited their works only twice since arriving in Fellport, but they seem to maintain a brisk business between original art pieces and custom orders. Ryn or one of their associates will patiently listen to requests, but the workshop will only agrees to take commissions that speak to art for art's sake. They don't like to be observed while working, but sneaky eyewitnesses report hearing birdsong and wind-rustled leaves emanating from whichever room Ryn works in.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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