The Council House

Council Plaza leads from the Lift to the Cliffside Wall in the heart of the city on Level 9. Just past the fountains and public square lies an Ionian mansion made of brick and marble, complete with a tall entry flanked by even taller columns holding up the slightly peaked roof. Tall glass windows look over the harbor and the Sea of Sorrows beyond. Originally built by Regulus Aelius under a decree from the Emperor Maximus and named Silex Regia (Flint Palace in Latin), it housed the ruler of Fellport during the Empire's reign.

When the Empire collapsed and the Republic took control, the mansion lay empty for years, a symbol that the Republic stopped paying attention to this haven for rejects and undesirables. When Fellport asserted its independence, the people came together and refurbished the Silex Regia as a seat of government for the Fellport Council. The main ballroom became the primary council chamber, and everyone started calling the building the Council House.

Administrative offices took over the main floor, surrounding the council chamber, but leaving space for the kitchen and a small dining room near the back of the building. Bedrooms and suites take up the upper two floors, mostly used for guests, but occasionally one or more Councilors will spend the night when working late on some decision or policy. The basement holds a larger dining area, some training rooms for combat, a communal bath, a small library, and several bedrooms once used for servants, but now used for lower-ranking staff and people under the Council's protection.

Sariel, the Wood Elf Steward of the house, lives in a hidden bedroom on the top floor. She has served various masters of the house for at least 200 years, and she has intimate knowledge of every closeted skeleton in the house (and a fair few across the city). She usually defers to the Councilors on decisions, but she will kindly push back against unwise decisions and get her way. She handles all hiring and firing decisions, delegates responsibilities amongst the staff, controls room assignments, and keeps the house budget.

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