Sariel serves as Steward of the Council House (her title translates to Turindar in Elvish) in Fellport, and has for the past 247 years. She grew up with a devil-may-care attitude, and she fenced goods for all manner of unsavory characters across the Elven nation of Alfinwald. One day she bought a pile of magic items for a song, only to find a glowing book with an eight-pointed star on the cover, a holy relic stolen from the Lightwood Sanctum. She read some of the stories of gods and heroes fighting world-devouring demons which straddled the line between history and myth, and her life changed. She found her purpose in those few pages. She walked the book back to the Lightwood Sanctum and returned it on the condition that they also take her and put her to work.

She trained hard as a holy warrior, eventually taking the Oath of the Watcher to protect the world from these extraplanar invaders who thought they deserved this world as their plaything. She mastered the Interception style, protecting those near her from harm with lightning-fast parries. The Monarch of Alfinwald had a special assignment for her: go to Fellport and find evidence of a hidden entity that speaks in dreams. She needed a cover story, and the Monarch sent her to serve the Ionian governor as a gesture of goodwill. She eventually rose through the ranks to run the entire house, and then the city declared independence.

The new Council didn't exactly trust her, but after a year's probation they found they couldn't operate the Council House nearly as efficiently without her century of experience. She has served faithfully, helping the Council as needed while still maintaining her investigations in the wider city. She has a large web of informants within the city. Nazar, the Councilor of Arcane Affairs, knows a little of her history and that she holds far more power than a typical servant, but not the full details about her mission. She has taken lovers, but she never married. Her work always came first. Rumors persist about her half-elven child, though her direct denials seem genuine.

Sariel maintains an unassuming appearance, with her brown hair pulled into a businesslike bun and her hazel eyes taking in all the details of a person. Her force of personality effortlessly directs her subordinates (and sometimes the Councilors when conflict rears its ugly head), and she rarely reacts to even horrible news. She wears a full suit of Elven Chain beneath her uniform, and she has a ring of storing that keeps her rapier Acumen safe in an extradimensional space. She always wears a moonstone amulet engraved with a tower and an eight-pointed star which serves as her holy symbol to Corellon and lets her cast intellect fortress on 4 people per day. She has a longbow and shield in her room if needed.

Wood Elf Watcher Paladin (Level 12) (Criminal Background; Skill Expert Feat)
Str 10  Dex 18  Con 16  Int 15  Wis 16  Cha 20
Acrobatics +8, Deception +9, Insight +11, Intimidation +9, Perception +7, Stealth +8

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