Vadym Burza

Vadym's earliest memories involve meeting his best friend Oya in an orphanage in the Okulari capital city of Imzilut. The five year drought turned the steppes into a dusty waste and destroyed the fortunes of many families, leaving orphanages full to bursting with destitute children. Vadym lacked a bully's strength and a sneak's coordination, but he could talk to anyone and be heard. One time he talked a rogue air elemental out of a raging whirlwind, saving the orphanage. He could also summon light and heal with a touch, which he used sparingly in an attempt to hide his differences from the rest of the kids.

He had always dreamed of the sea. He shared his dreams with Oya, and when they came of age, they headed east toward the shore. Oya had a way with swords and had a knack for thunder magic, and Vadym could heal and tame the wind. They had several mishaps before making it to the shore in southern Dunhill and finding a captain who would take both of them, but they joined the crew of the Grey Rover, a pirate ship that stole cargo between Fellport and Dunhill. Vadym had a knack for calming storm winds, so he became the crew's good luck charm. Oya had loftier ambitions and worked her way up the ranks to become one of Old Captain Pete's officers.

They served for a couple of years, then Old Captain Pete went down in a shore raid. Vadym stayed behind to try and heal the captain, telling Oya to head back to the ship. Mercenaries working for Fellport captured Pete, Vadym, and the gnome twins (Enid and Glimmer) that day. The Fellport Council sentenced Captain Pete to hang from Execution Wharf until death, while Vadym and the twins served two years in a cell on the Lakeside Wall. At least he could still see the ocean from his cell.

He made a deal with an air elemental to keep the prisoners cool in the high summer. One of the guards made the offhand comment that he could sell his cooling services after his release. So he did. He talked his way through the paperwork to start a business called Elemental Solutions and hired the rock gnome twins, and now he makes a killing by making deals with elementals to cool the mansions of Topside. He made Sails & Lines safer by removing the dust from the ropewalk, thereby reducing the risk of combustion and lung damage for the workers. Every contract has a yearly renewal fee, where he renegotiates the contract with the elemental or summons a new one to serve for a year.

He still sees Oya (now Captain Oya Stormqueen) whenever she comes to town, and he holds no grudges about abandonment. Every time they talk he tries to convince her to settle in Fellport when she tires of the roving life. He resides in Fellport full-time now in a modest home on Level 13, and has a guest bedroom for her whenever she needs it. He uses his excess riches to make life better for everyone, funding Highwater House and other charitable organizations in town.

He has coffee-with-a-splash-of-cream brown skin, but his white hair and sky-blue eyes mark him as different. His cheekbones also sit much higher than a human's, and his wide smile sparkles in the heart of his face. He speaks with an odd accent - almost Slavic despite his upbringing steeped in the far more musical Okulari tongue. He naturally puts people at ease with his unflappable attitude of "How can I help you today?" He has a good heart and the means to make his uplifting ideas of equality and justice work in the face of a cynical society.

Vadym Burza
Protector Aasimar Storm Sorcerer (Level 8) (Sailor Background; Binding Summoner (unwritten) Feat)
Str 12  Dex 8  Con 12  Int 14  Wis 14  Cha 18
Arcana +5, Athletics +4, Perception +5, Persuasion +7

NOTE: I know that sorcerers don't usually get the summon elemental spell, but it's Vadym's raison d'etre, so I'm giving it to him. Also he knows how to bind them in service for a year during the summoning process, so when the spell fades the elemental remains voluntarily - probably a feat. He's probably getting a positive reputation on the elemental planes, since he treats everyone fairly and pays well even if the requested service is a bit of drudgery.

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