Enid Fenrock

Gnomish twins happen maybe once in a generation, so the extended family came to Erdgeist when Enid and Glimmer drew their first breaths. Enid's parents taught her the family trade as she grew up, and she spent her spare time researching dwarven history and magical crafting since they lived in the capital city of the Molten Throne. The family later moved to Aldunleigh to work for merchants in Dunhill, so Enid studied there as well.

Glimmer had a knack for getting into trouble, so Enid kept bailing him out as dedicated family does. They settled into their lanes: Enid had the brains, and Glimmer had the brawn. Eventually, Glimmer made a mistake and the twins had to run before the law caught up with them. They booked passage to Fellport on a merchant sloop, but the ship got captured by pirates. Old Captain Pete found out about their run-in with the law and decided to offer them spots on the crew. They accepted and started their life as pirates aboard the Grey Rover.

Enid made herself useful by fixing whatever she could on board ship. She set up a small forge below decks in the bow, and she repaired fixtures, made chain, and even straightened the odd weapon or two. She and Glimmer met Vadym Burza and his best friend Oya Stormqueen, and the four of them bonded a little more with every conquest or mission. The day Old Captain Pete got captured, Vadym stayed behind to heal him, and the twins volunteered to stay and cover the rest of the crew's escape. Pete died by hanging at Execution Wharf, but the twins and Vadym served two years in prison.

Vadym came up with a business idea while serving his sentence, and he roped Enid and Glimmer into the scheme. As soon as the three of them got free, Vadym started Elemental Solutions, hiring the twins and giving them a purpose. Vadym handled sales and summoning, but Enid designed and built the systems for the elementals to use, with Glimmer as an able assistant.

The three have grown the business steadily over the past two years. The twins finally found their own place to live after sleeping in the office since the business started. Enid finally had the resources to make a steel defender in the shape of a short art deco centaur with artificially smooth lines, a flat back for cargo, extra-long arms, and vaguely dwarven features. She named it Art, and Art helps haul supplies on jobs. Enid enjoys Vadym's company and the steady income, but she's getting bored. She sees the writing on the wall even as she fears it, and she's starting to look for excuses to do something else.

She pulls her ebony hair back into a pony tail while working, but otherwise it sort of floats freely in a gravity-defying wavy nimbus around her head. Her hickory-brown eyes twinkle with intelligence, as she's always planning the next thing to work on. She's still young at 38, but she doesn't feel a huge urge to settle down. She has her brother and a job that keeps her mind engaged, so she's a tired kind of happy.

She recently upgraded to a breastplate to go with Persuader, her warhammer. She doesn't suffer fools, but she will listen to honest criticism and take it to heart. She wants to work on her own projects, but she fears the loss of income that comes with striking out on her own.

Enid Fenrock
Rock Gnome Battle Smith Artificer (Level 3) (Sage Background)
Str 8  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 17  Wis 12  Cha 12
Arcana +5, History +5, Investigation +5, Sleight of Hand +4

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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