Elemental Solutions

An unassuming office sits in the middle of a row of triple-decker buildings on the Cliffside of Level 5. A circular wooden sign hangs above the door, each quarter painted a different color to emulate the four traditional elements. The words "Elemental Solutions" curve around the outside of the circle, painted in silver-lined black.

The interior lies mostly empty, with a single desk for client consultations and four stations set up to show off heating, cooling, air flow, and grinding applications of summoned elementals. The heating area features a fire elemental heating a tub of water with a system of ducts to capture and direct heated air, and an exhaust chimney to keep the interior air fresh. Each elemental or mephit has ample living space as part of their demo station. The elementals will happily converse and answer questions in Primordial or their elemental language, not showing any signs of frustration or sadness. They don't have a great understanding of how things work. They enter a contract for a year and receive fair payment for their service, mostly involving bragging rights back home.

The owner, Vadym Burza, came up with the idea for the business while imprisoned for piracy, after summoning air elementals and ice mephits to keep him and his neighboring prisoners cool in summer. He served his time and immediately waded through the paperwork to officially open Elemental Solutions. He hired the loyal rock gnome twins (Enid and Glimmer Fenrock, she's the inventor and he's the muscle), also former pirates who stayed behind to protect him and Old Captain Pete during that failed raid that led to their capture four years ago. They both like the work and love the wages, and last year they finally found their own place to live.

For only being two years old, Vadym's business booms. He books new installations six to ten weeks out to allow time to construct infrastructure (and in some cases invent it) and for negotiation with summoned elementals. He has the most fun figuring out how to help people, but creating demand for baubles and decorations among the various elementals and mephits to make each one feel special has been rewarding as well.

He only needed to convince the first high-profile customer to install one of his systems, namely Sails & Lines. After word got out about what he could do, the dam burst open and orders haven't stopped coming in. He worries that he won't be able to keep up with growing demand, so he would like to work with other summoners to offload some of the actual spellwork and negotiations. He's not above apprenticing a dedicated candidate, should they ask. He would like to hire more mundane workers as well, but he finds a fairly large turnaround in the laborer market.

Vadym also owns the adjoining building as of a few months ago, allowing him to have a larger office space once he finds time to expand into it, and a positively palatial living space upstairs, doubly so for being in such a reasonably-priced area. Vadym has no time to manage the office, so he could use someone to consolidate and organize his stash of supplies, currently spread out between the twins' old rooms, both living rooms, and some scattered piles in the new office space.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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