Glimmer Fenrock

Gnomish twins happen maybe once in a generation, so the extended family came to Erdgeist when Enid and Glimmer drew their first breaths. Glimmer kept wandering over to the Citadel in Erdgeist to watch the dwarven elite warriors practice weapons. He fell in with a few roguish dwarves also hanging around, and they proceeded to get each other in trouble incessantly. Enid ended up keeping an eye on Glimmer to try and keep him out of trouble, but she couldn't be everywhere at once.

The family moved to Aldunleigh so Glimmer's parents could tinker and work for various Dunhill merchants. Erdgeist had dark beer, but Dunhill had strong whiskey. Glimmer left Enid to her studies and found the worst dens of layabouts and troublemakers to entertain himself. He's not dumb, but the humans the he though were friends managed to outmaneuver him, and he took the blame for a jewelry heist even though he wasn't involved at all. He got wind of his impending arrest and went to Enid to say goodbye. To his surprise, she volunteered to go with him.

Enid called a friend and booked passage on a merchant sloop bound for Fellport. They would work off part of their passage, which suited Glimmer just fine. He was stronger and stouter than his bookworm sister, so they complemented each other well. They never made it to Fellport, as pirates captured the ship two days out of port and took all the crew and passengers prisoner. Old Captain Pete found out about their run-in with the law in Aldunleigh and decided to offer them spots on the crew. They accepted and started their life as pirates aboard the Grey Rover.

Glimmer had never been on board a ship before escaping Dunhill, and now he learned all he could from his fellow pirates. He swabbed decks, climbed the rigging, spent hours on watch, and stared at the ocean. He felt he had a purpose other than being a barely-younger brother to the smart one of the smart one of the family. He found a home and never wanted to leave.

He and Enid met Vadym Burza and his best friend Oya Stormqueen, and the four of them bonded a little more with every conquest or mission. The day Old Captain Pete got captured, Vadym stayed behind to heal him, and the twins volunteered to stay and cover the rest of the crew's escape. Pete died by hanging at Execution Wharf, but the twins and Vadym served two years in prison.

Vadym came up with a business idea while serving his sentence, and he roped Enid and Glimmer into the scheme. As soon as the three of them got free, Vadym started Elemental Solutions, hiring the twins and giving them a new home in Fellport. Vadym handled sales and summoning, Enid designed and built the systems for the elementals to use, and Glimmer served as an able assistant. Glimmer has since studied masonry to minimize the damage when installing systems in the stone mansions on Topside.

After two years at Elemental Solutions, Glimmer and Enid have finally moved into their own place, big enough where they don't run into each other if they don't want to. Glimmer knows that Enid is getting bored, and he's torn if he wants to follow her into whatever's next, stick with Vadym and learn more about designing the systems that Enid currently handles, or finding a ship and heading back onto the ocean for a while. He's content for now to do whatever comes his way at work, and he's sure that the next path will make itself known when he needs it.

He keeps his jet black hair short, with a little pony tail at the nape of his neck. He could still pass for a child with his cherubic face. He's grown up quickly since serving on the Grey Rover, but he's not even fully adult yet at 38 years old. He doesn't get into trouble nearly as often as he did when he was younger, though he still enjoys to odd bar brawl when he get the chance to help out. He feels disconnected from nearly everyone, but he figures he'll find out where he fits soon.

Glimmer Fenrock
Rock Gnome Battle Master Fighter (Level 3) (Sailor Background)
Str 15  Dex 14  Con 15  Int 10  Wis 12  Cha 8
Acrobatics +4, Athletics +4, Perception +3, Survival +3

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