The Rumor Mill - Week 9

So I'm a little late with this post, being week 9 of The Rumor Mill. I've got the game scheduled to run next Sunday, and I spent this weekend making battle maps instead of writing rumors. I just need to go over them once more, then export them and send them off to be printed. I haven't done that previously, so this will be a definite prop upgrade. The party is entering Dragon Peak, and they don't know there are five trials ahead. The maps aren't tremendously complicated (mostly 60' circular rooms with illusions making them look endless, but at least we've got a defined area to work with.

I want to get back to some bigger topics, so we're talking about the gods this time. I'll try to steer clear of the clergy and focus more on the actual gods, extending the list of rumors we saw back on Week 4.

1Correllon, The Morning Star, took their name when the First Elf ascended.Yes1
2Ilmater endures all suffering, and considers suffering the highest worship.Maybe2
3Jupiter leads an orderly pantheon, with all the other gods knowing their place.No3
4Tengri's greatest gift to the Okulari people was undoubtedly the horse.Maybe4
5Gruumsh One-Eye inspires his orcish followers to conquer and avenge.Yes5
6The Soulforger is the only god of the dwarves, creator, healer, and arbiter of truth.No6
7Dagda and Morrigan lead a drunkard family of gods in Dunhill.No7
8Tangaroa is the Islander name for Shuimu, the Nelendi goddess of the sea.Yes8

1 - Gaia created the First Elf, who took the name Eruidel. They molded other elves and eventually ascended to the heavens.
2 - When suffering becomes too much to bear, his faithful will free the sufferer from pain and usher them to their afterlife.
3 - The Ionian Pantheon reflects their culture: jealous, untrusting, and eternally ready to exploit weakness in their rivals.
4 - Tengri, the Okulari god of the sky, is credited with creating the horse. Nobody knows for sure where horses came from.
5 - Correllon took Gruumsh's eye in battle, and he's been bent on revenge ever since. His followers do the same in his name.
6 - Most of the Soulforger's clergy revere him almost monotheistically, but other dwarven gods still exist and wield power.
7 - Dagda controls Life, Death, Emotions, and Knowledge. Morrigan controls war, fate, and leadership. Neither are drunkards.
8 - Many cultures have their own name for the same deity. Shuimu also serves as the main deity for the Nelendi people.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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