The Rumor Mill - Week 10

Welcome to week 10 of The Rumor Mill, which serves to keep me on track with Lore24. I have posted nothing else this week, partially because I've been prepping maps and props for today's Fellport game. I have a few articles mostly written, but I haven't had the focus available to polish and publish them. And with Daylight Savings time starting this morning with its usual week-long period of disorientation, I don't foresee writing much of anything useful this week either. It seems like every March things fall apart for me - I did the same thing with City23 last year about this time. But as long as the rumors flow, I'll stay on track. So here we go.

I don't have a central theme for today's list of rumors. I'm OK with that.

1Fellport claims the land within 2 days' ride of the city as part of its holdings.Yes1
2The Okulari invaded and occupied Fellport back in Imperial times.Maybe2
3Membership in the Fellport Watch Reserves is mandatory for every resident.No3
4Ancient ziggurats lie buried across Beneterra, a testament to the old gods.Maybe4
5Every day seems like a holy day to some god or another in Fellport.Yes5
6The Hills neighborhood on Level 5 showcases Dunhill archaeology.Maybe6
7Fellport has a history of champions deflecting invasions through single combat.No7
8The Caps discovered and destroyed a shrine to Orcus on campus.Yes8

1 - Most of the population resides in the city proper, but caravan stops like Gull's Crossing support small villages of people.
2 - Akincilar (Okulari horse raiders) snuck in, opened the gate, and raided the city before retreating, but never occupied.
3 - It is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The Reserves train like citizen militia with spears, clubs, and shields.
4 - Most of these served as travel hubs for teleportation via ley lines or airship travel. Some were later converted to holy sites.
5 - Given the hundreds of shrines in the Sanctum, everyone in town can worship their own god, though most revere trade more.
6 - The Hills contained houses built by Dunhill slaves who worked on the Breakwater and earned freedom. Few remain today.
7 - This has never happened in Fellport. Negotiation, trade, and bribes have protected the city more than champions ever have.
8 - A student of the Necromancy school will be interrogated regarding the shrine. Orcus seems to be gaining followers lately.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
For all city posts, see the Fellport Index. For posts about the wider world, see the Beneterra Index.

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