The Rumor Mill - Week 3

I love this cheat-to-win thing. Coming up with one rumor in a day and adding it to a draft can take me a whole 5 minutes. Of course last week I had to crash-create all 8 rumors on Sunday. coming up with the title for the next Cochrane Ironcalf book took the longest, to be honest. Totally worth the time invested, if you ask me. Everything still worked out and I got 8 bits of lore published on schedule, so I'm ridiculously happy about that.

Onward to week 3. I'm still mining some of my #City23 entries to see what sort of misinformation makes sense to pass on to the unsuspecting party. Some of these actually came up during play, which I like.

1Need a blade? Go to Sticks & Stones on 3. Ask Ben to see the back room.Yes1
2You can get anything you want at The Sacred Squid. Reservations required.Maybe2
3Cat people all come from the Feywild. They can teleport and cast curses.No3
4If you need a place to spend the night, anyone can stay at Highwater House.Maybe4
5Dragonskull Brewing's dragon skull is fake, but you'll like their beer and mead.Yes5
6When the volcano under Fellport becomes active again, we're all screwed.No6
7Genna Sinclair keeps control of Divinity Sanctum by blackmailing the faithful.No7
8Try the Wildside Emporium in Talltown for oddball magic items, but be careful.Yes8

1 - Ben forges all manner of purpose-built blades, granting a bonus for one thing while reducing effectiveness elsewhere.
2 - Non-restaurant items are right out. Their menu is broad, but Fianna has her limits. Azeron can, in fact, make any drink.
3 - Just because Vellix is Feytouched, doesn't mean all Tabaxi are. Fey influence remains rare in the K'Shiksh Jungle.
4 - If you can pay, you have better options than a public flophouse. If you're a criminal, Aurelia will quietly call the watch.
5 - Adam Dreggar started the dragon story as a gimmick, but he brews all sorts of beer, ale, and mead, and now spirits.
6 - Fellport sits on an impact crater, not a volcano. A sentience trapped below reaches out to Deepspeakers in their dreams.
7 - She may know something about every cleric in town, but she deals fairly with everyone. Blackmail isn't in her nature.
8 - Thea fences all manner of weird magic items for cheap. Sometimes she enchants items, but they usually do odd things.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
For all city posts, see the Fellport Index. For posts about the wider world, see the Beneterra Index.

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