Dragonskull Brewing

On the far Lakeside of 14, a broad wooden structure nestles between the rows of houses, displaying a small dragon skull over the double doors. The roof over the front porch provides ample cover for several tables and chairs. Walking in, all eyes immediately focus on the huge dragon skull dominating the far wall above the well-polished bar. It wears a sign around its neck that reads "Gamble Elsewhere". On special occasions it even speaks, filling the space with a rumbling voice befitting such a creature in sharp contrast to the usual banality of its message.

About four years ago the previous establishment, Flounder of Fortune, closed suddenly when its proprietor Kyle McDaniels died under mysterious circumstances. The Flounder had a reputation as a somewhat crooked gambling house, so this incident shocked exactly no one, nor did the cover-up and the rich patron who got away with it.

Adam Dreggar swept in and bought the place, fixing it up over a couple of months and renaming it Dragonskull Brewing. He maintains that one of his ancestors slew "one of the last of the Big Red Dragons" about a century and a half ago, and handed down the skull to him. Some believe this story, others don't, but everybody sits and sips their favorite drink at Dragonskull.

Adam brews beer, ale, and mead on site, having converted the back game room to a brewery. He has invested in distilling equipment and patrons can order a few different spirits at the bar now with more on the way soon. Adam usually has something available on tap for every taste, from the sweet and smooth Cloudymeade to the aggressively hoppy Gold's Blood. They also offer nuts and fresh bread every day, and they invite guest cooks to prepare food on most weekends. Prices run fairly high, but they seem fair to most people for the quality, variety, and ambiance.

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