Penny Portico

Penny Portico has had many names in her life. She forgot her birth name after she escaped, vowing never to return to the Okulari Steppes. Her parents manipulated her into developing her intellect in her youth, and when the prestigious School of Thaumaturgy accepted her into their grueling training program, her parents climbed the social ladder on their daughter's back. But school didn't agree with her, and within a year she used her knowledge and powers of persuasion to break out and leave her old life behind.

She reinvented herself on the road, the first of many times. She scammed her way through Ionia and the Dunhill Confederacy, growing richer with every scam before attempting to settle down in Fellport as Penny Portico. Along the way, she realized she had actually picked up magical gifts, hearing people's thoughts and calming their emotions. As the Penny in Penny's Prognostications, she decided to legitimize her act and go straight, using Augury with Subtle Spell to provide real insight and Bless or Aid with Extend Spell to help her clients overcome whatever issues cloud their bored rich lives.

She has been in Fellport for the past 2 years, buying a small office and home, but she wants something more. She can become anyone she can dream up, but she doesn't know how to be herself. Maybe Penny can break the pattern of the past 15 years of running away when things get uncomfortable. Maybe Penny can finally let herself have a family and live happily ever after.

Penny Portico
Human (Okulari) Divine Soul Sorcerer (Level 4) (Sage Background, Linguist and Telepathic Feats)
Str 8  Dex 12  Con 8  Int 18  Wis 14  Cha 16
Arcana +6, History +6, Insight +4, Performance +5, Persuasion +5

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