Penny's Prognostications

The tiny door set back from the road and tucked between two larger shops on the Lakeside of 15 has evaded many eyes over the years. For the past two years the words "Penny's Prognostications" has been etched in the door's oval window around an image of a crystal ball, promising answers to questions too persistent to ignore, but too trivial for any sort of authority to handle.

Penny herself usually sits in the front room, booking appointments and handling the mundanity of people wandering in off the street. For two gold she will answer a brief question, usually evasively using her knowledge of history and immediate insight into the person asking. She locks the door and puts out a "Back In 20 Minutes" sign when consulting with a client who books an appointment and spends 25 gold.

The back room hides behind a beaded curtain, its walls covered with exquisite silks and velvet tapestries. Three extremely comfortable chairs sit next to a table covered with fine red cloth with a crystal ball perched in the center. Behind the tapestries in the back of the room, a secret door leads to a staircase up to Penny's modest home (actually a guest house that she bought) on 16.

Penny will only use her magical powers to help clients in the back room, never on walk-ins. She books appointments in advance to gather more information on a client before they show up, either through her own skills or one of the investigators she keeps on retainer. Her clients sing her praises, claiming that they feel so much calmer after a session, or that they feel like they can accomplish anything. Advertising through word of mouth alone, she currently books appointments out about 3 weeks.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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