The Red Rudder

Found in Dockside near the base of the Cliffside Ramps, The Red Rudder attracts dockworkers and anyone else looking for a great pint of beer at cut-rate prices. Food can be had at Pud'n right outside, and drink is plentiful in a clean, well-lit interior. A large wooden rudder, painted red against the elements, hangs over the solid wood doors. An exterior roof rings the three visible sides of the building, providing some cover for the seats and tables outside.

Many wonder how Jasper Sondal-Nesmith, the Rock Gnome proprietor, can keep the place afloat with prices so low. Maybe the "secret" gambling hall that everyone knows about hidden under the storeroom for the well-to-do slumming it by the docks has something to do with his bottom line. Or maybe he collects secrets and favors from his patrons and sells them to the highest bidder.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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