Pud'n (NPC)

Pud'n owns a food stall next to The Red Rudder, a bar in Dockside. She's tall and broad with long black hair worn in a single braid, and her grey-green skin and jutting jaw can initially put people off. She tells surprisingly good jokes, and her heart dwarfs her impressive physical size.

A pirate crew forcibly drafted her from her home on the Barbary Coast in her youth. She made herself useful cooking meals, tending to injuries, and performing funeral rites, each of which earned her respect among the crew. She quickly became indispensable and rose to the rank of First Mate before leaving for a quieter life on land a few years ago.

She came to Fellport and quickly became a fixture in Dockside with her food stall. One of these days she plans on training with an established chef in town to improve her craft. In her off hours she tends to the forgotten people hidden from view, providing food, healing, and a guiding hand to the next life if their time has come.

Half-Orc Grave Cleric (Level 3) (Sailor Background)
Str 14  Dex 10  Con 14  Int 8  Wis 15  Cha 14
Athletics +4, Intimidation +4, Medicine +4, Perception +4, Persuasion +4

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