The Rumor Mill - Week 18

Welcome to week 18 of The Rumor Mill, where we explore utilities and public works in Fellport. Multiple sources of inexpensive magical light exist, so we won't talk about that here, but how do people eat every day? Who handles the trash, and how does it leave the city? What about human excrement? Drinking water? Heat in the winter? Fellport has an abundance of magic with the College, but it can't all be magic, can it?

So let's take a walk through the lesser-thought-of areas of society and meet the groups who provide the basic necessities for everyone in Fellport. These unknown heroes make it possible for everyone in town to lead healthier lives and flourish in the face of adversity.

1The Amaryllis Estate grows grain and transports it to Imperial Mills.Yes1
2The tunnels under Fellport allow unseen access to anywhere in the city.Maybe2
3Don't flush drugs down the toilet. Everything ends up in the harbor.No3
4Highgarden and the other parks in town can provide food in a pinch.Maybe4
5The Binfolk gather trash onto a barge in the harbor and move it up the coast.Yes5
6Anyone can find healing for free at the Divinity Sanctum or the hospital next door.Maybe6
7Crystal Lake provides all water for Fellport. Poisoning the town should be easy.No7
8Most houses in Fellport get their heat and hot water from burning wood or coal.Yes8

1 - A tunnel connects the two to make transport easier and more secure. Imperial Mills provides flour to the entire city for cheap.
2 - The tunnel network allows access to major water and sewer branches, but house connections are far too small to traverse.
3 - All flush toilets in town (all buildings have at least one) lead to processing vats, to make fertilizer for the Amaryllis Estate.
4 - They're not designed as food orchards or anything, but you can find some forage. Better to talk druids into casting goodberry.
5 - Binfolk is slang for workers of the Fellport Cleanliness Authority. Trash moves to the Amaryllis Estate for recycling.
6 - The healer kiosks accept donations of money, goods, or services, negotiated with the clerics on duty that day. Free is rare.
7 - Aside from alchemy jugs and elemental plane sources, Crystal Lake water is filtered and treated before it enters the Raceway.
8 - Some places use magical heating, and Elemental Solutions provides elemental-fueled heat and hot water systems.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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