The Rumor Mill - Week 19

We've survived long enough to enjoy week 19 of The Rumor Mill, where we examine marketing strategies, promotion campaigns, and outright gimmicks that various merchants employ to gather and retain customers. Some rumors get the facts wrong, but most contain a grain of truth. And yes, all of these rumors have appeared in The Dockside Rag at some point. Where else do you think I keep finding these ideas?

So let's take the time to help some of the merchants in town to attract new clients, and maybe we can save ourselves a few coins while supporting local businesses, yeah?

1Magic Touch Cleaners costs more, but they clean your clothes using magic.Yes1
2"Find the doorway, stairs go down to the market Undertown."Maybe2
3A rare wooden coin from the Red Rudder grants access to the secret casino.No3
4Urchins recommend shops to visitors in exchange for a 10% referral fee.Maybe4
5If you solve the daily puzzle in The Dipped Pen, Lucius will give a discount.Yes5
6Want to hear a dead dragon speak? Head to Dragonskull Brewing on 14.Maybe6
7If you can out-drink Orin at Restful Spirits, you win a bottle of spirits.No7
8Rumors appear regularly in the Dockside Rag, an irregularly-printed broadsheet.Yes8

1 - Every employee uses prestidigitation. Casting the same cantrip all day causes terminal boredom and high turnover rates. 
2 - Perhaps this rhyme refers to a mythical market under Fellport, or perhaps someone tried to rebrand The Underground.
3 - Red wood coins aren't rare, as Jasper has piles to hand out. Trade them in for a free drink. Anyone can use the casino.
4 - When coin in involved, 10% is standard, but many have barter deals or other arrangements. Always mention an Urchin.
5 - Lucius sometimes hides them in spellbooks or on shelves. He puts out one puzzle a day. First to find and solve it wins.
6 - Adam doesn't make the skull talk too often, preferring to spread story fragments for his patrons to collect and assemble.
7 - Restful Spirits is about taste and enjoyment, not childish competition. Anyone who pounds shots evicted and banned.
8 - Many sailors swear by the information in the Dockside Rag to find the best current deals in town and save some coin.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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