Magnus Kay

Magnus Kay grew up on the streets of Fellport, an orphan stealing for both fun and survival. He never knew his parents, and he made his peace with that long ago. He still looks like a scrawny kid in his young adulthood, even though he eats well nowadays. His keeps his golden blonde hair short on the sides, but the top tends to do its own thing regardless of Magnus's wishes. His deep blue eyes usually smile, but they go icy cold when protecting his friends from bullies.

The Fellport Watch know him well (and mostly treat him warmly, like a wayward son) from frequent stays in a cell, mostly for theft and trespassing. They know he rarely gets violent, except as a last resort to protect his friends from violence, and they never have trouble dealing with him. He will do anything to help a friend with no regard for the personal cost. He found himself in all sorts of places he shouldn't have all through his youth, and he learned a few secrets along the way. He knows a few ways into the service tunnels for the Lift to sneak around the city unseen, when he remembers how to get there. He acquired a taste for fine food and drink, and he still does the occasional errand for Damla Balik at The Sacred Squid in exchange for a really good meal.

One time in his early teens he found a portal glowing purple and green in a basement somewhere - his sense of direction never fully developed, so he focuses on moving forward because he can never quite remember the way he came. He stepped through the portal into a wild party held in a forest glade, with fancy-looking chairs. He skulked around for a while, until the elf-dude in charge spotted him and asked him about his heart's desire. Magnus responded "I want to help my friends and get out of sticky situations" The elf spit into his hand and offered it for Magnus to shake. "Done," he said as Magnus shook his hand. Magnus awoke with the ability to cast Bless and Misty Step, but now he fears the call to return the favor, because nobody gives away anything like that for free.

After enjoying yet another night in a Watch cell in his late teens, he found himself looking for food at the Tankard Bar. He found himself talking with Vellix about the future, about how he just wanted to help people, and she knew she found a new recruit. He starting hanging around and learning whatever he could, eventually deciding to follow the Way of the Tankard. He took the tenets to heart and realized that he always followed The Way, but now he had the tools to realize what that means. He has learned enough in the past 3 years to patiently teach beginners the tenets and techniques of the Way, but mostly he performs for festivals and parties, which he loves. Kids love his slapstick physical comedy, and Magnus loves making people laugh, especially fellow orphans.

Magnus Kay
Human Drunken Master Monk (Level 3) (Urchin Background; Fey Touched Feat)
Str 10  Dex 16  Con 10  Int 8  Wis 16  Cha 14
Acrobatics +5, Insight +5, Performance +4, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5

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