The Rumor Mill - Week 15

We get a little industrial here in week 15 of The Rumor Mill, with a focus on the production and workers who keep the merchants well-supplied with everyday things to sell. With strong industries in ships, glass, flour, and paper, Fellport produces many items essential to modern (fantasy) life. With 500 years of history to cover, many of today's industrial companies boast archives rich with long family traditions.

So let's dive into some stories around craftspeople and laborers from up and down all the levels of Fellport.

1Eventide Keelworks recently added a second shipyard to build even bigger ships.Yes1
2Don't let Lev fool you. He's actually John Carver the woodworker.Maybe2
3Beacon Point proudly stands as the only incense maker in Fellport.No3
4The Hills (on 5) house many stonemasons, a testament to Dunhill's many quarries.Maybe4
5The Fellport Glassworks specializes in bulk orders, but they also do one-off jobs.Yes5
6Lady Amaryllis visited Imperial Mills recently to verify her wheat arrived safely.Maybe6
7Smythiel's workshop has dozens of smiths making excellent knives and blades.No7
8The old tannery turned into Doric Pulpworks when Topside objected to the smell.Yes8

1 - Their Dockside location wasn't large enough to build newer ships, so they leased a seaside site on the Amaryllis Estate.
2 - The actual John Carver died 30 years ago. Lev was his apprentice, but he still runs John Carver's shop to help Carver's kids.
3 - They're the oldest incense maker, created to supply the Divinity Sanctum. Their religious ideas feel as old as their money.
4 - Dunhill quarries aren't numerous. The Hills originally housed Dunhill slaves taught quarrying to build the Breakwater.
5 - The Glasswork Artisans program has only been around for the past 3 decades, but it produces many lovely unique pieces.
6 - That was the cover story so she could strongarm Florian Amicus into abandoning his plan to starve Fellport for Ionia's siege.
7 - Smythiel is a large smithy, but they primarily work as wheelwrights and coopers, making and repairing carts and barrels.
8 - The tannery moved up the coast, near the Amaryllis dairy farm, their source of hides. The Pulpworks smells a bit better.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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