Randir Greymantle

Randir grew up in Occam, the half-blooded bastard son born to a girl in the Durgin clan after a dalliance with a Wood Elf caravan worker. The Durgin family has run Occam for centuries, so despite his black sheep status he got used to the best of everything. The true Durgin children kept him at arm's length, so he learned to love solitude. Once he learned he would probably outlive them, he never let them forget that. He saw himself wielding magic and making his own destiny anywhere other than Occam, where nobody liked his "I'm better than you" attitude.

He shirked the basic weapons training of a noble lad, preferring to read everything and learn magic. He spent time studying the gods, as he knew he would visit their home planes someday. In his teens he knew he had to study conjuration to master teleport and plane shift, so he learned what he could in Occam before talking his mother into arranging a fully paid course of study at the College in Fellport.

Randir received a grey Cloak of Protection as a parting gift from his mother. On the way to Fellport he decided never to return home, changing his surname to Greymantle as he swore to never appear in public without his grey cloak. Once he enrolled in the Conjuration school, he thanked his mother but never looked back to Occam. He works as a mid-level professor at the College now, teaching about teleportation, extradimensional spaces, and the planes of existence while still learning all he can about the next mystery of the planes and the one after that.

He takes commissions to create all manner of storage and teleportation items, if it will keep the coins flowing and challenge him to stretch his skills further. About 5 years ago he created the Multispout for Azeron, the bartender at The Sacred Squid. Word got out about it, and he made a few more for good money, but now he wants out because the challenge got old long ago. When asked about making one, he offers his notes on its creation for 200 gold pieces. He thought ahead and had ten copies made, and he has eight remaining. With the proceeds from the Multispout alone, he upgraded his cloak to a grey hooded Robe of the Archmagi which he always wears.

He knows Ben Durgin from childhood, some manner of cousin to him, who works in Fellport as a smith at his shop Sticks And Stones. They know each other by sight, but they have no reason to talk. They move in completely different circles anyway.

Randir has short and curly blonde hair under his hood, a reddish complexion and greenish hazel eyes. His demeanor has softened over the years, but he still believes himself too skilled to waste time on interpersonal relationships. Maybe that will change soon.

Now more than ever he feels burdened by destiny to become the best conjurer on the planet. He recently learned plane shift, and now he can truly start plane hopping. He knows he needs some help with the adventures ahead, so he recently started advertising for people to explore the planes using the ad, "Adventurers needed. Hazardous and wildly variable extraplanar conditions. Constant danger, safe return doubtful. Possible riches and great acclaim in case of success."

Randir Greymantle
Half-Elven (Dunhill/Wood Elf) Conjurer Wizard (Level 13) (Noble Background; War Caster Feat)
Str 8  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 20  Wis 12  Cha 14
Arcana +10, History +10, Investigation +10, Perception +6, Persuasion +7, Religion +10

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