Adventures Across the Planes

And advertisement posted on a bulletin board catches your eye. The precise script indicates an ordered and capable mind, and the short message evokes the promise of a unique adventure.

Adventurers needed. Hazardous and wildly variable extraplanar conditions. Constant danger, safe return doubtful. Possible riches and great acclaim in case of success. Contact Randir Greymantle, Peregrin Hall, Upper Campus.

Randir Greymantle works at the College, mostly giving lectures on teleportation and the planes. He maintains an office on the third floor of Peregrin Hall, and he will meet prospective partners in a classroom down the hall. He wants a competent team he can rely on to survive and thrive in adverse conditions on other planes. He has some limited funds for initial expenses, but he will rely on rewards for recovered items and completed tasks to pay people upon completion.

Randir created a list of lucrative jobs, rare items, and powerful knowledge based on other planes that he considers worth following. He tracked down the Resonance Forks for each plane and has them ready to go, as well as the Resonance Fork for this plane so he can get back. He knows teleport circle addresses to make the trip as direct as possible, or at least he has old addresses copied from ancient tomes. Whether they actually work remains an outstanding question.

#PlaneAdventure Overview
1The FeywildFind the Moonlight Pool and gather materials to make Flux Elixirs.
2The ShadowfellClimb Riven Crag and take a Death Giant's skull.
3Astral SeaEnter Zerth Monastery and learn to resist mind flayers from Githzerai.
4Elemental FireTrade in the City of Brass and find a source for soul coins.
5AvernusSeek the Sunblade Scouts in Redspur Tower and return them home.
6Ethereal PlaneJourney to the Radiant Citadel and consult the White Jade Pear Tree.

Choose the hook that appeals, roll a d6 to pick one randomly, or offer your players several hooks and have them decide. More details on each adventure in subsequent posts.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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