Welcome to #Lore24!

We're currently 2 weeks out from the end of 2023, so it's high time to start talking up a writing challenge for 2024. You've been working on your #Dungeon23 or #City23 project (here's a look at Fellport, my project), but what about the world that lives outside the dungeon or city?

That's where #Lore24 comes in. Entries can cover specific items, weird people, odd holidays, organized groups, why a sect of monks are violently self-flagellant, curious terrain, unique plants, the origin story of your world, building materials, a sunken ship, spicy rumors overheard on the street, or whatever strikes your fancy.

The point? Make stuff. Every day if you can. Fill your world, one piece at a time.

What Is #Lore24?

#Lore24 is a hashtag. Use it when you post online about your project. I'm active on Mastodon and Bluesky, but post wherever you're active. I'll take a look and boost posts when I can.

#Lore24 is an invitation to create something about the world that lives in your head and share it with the wider world. Theoretically created for worldbuilding in Tabletop RPGs, #Lore24 is about making things that brings your world to life, no matter how tiny the detail on which you choose to focus.

Yora posted about it a week ago, after hashing it out (pun intended) on Mastodon. I'm putting my spin on it here. I'll have a kickoff post on 31Dec2023, but I might just extend the work on Fellport from #City23. In that case I'll probably break out the Fellport Index into its own post.

Why #Lore24?

Why the heck not? We all contain multitudes, so sticking with a single dungeon, city, or even world might not work for us. It also contains all the things that won't fit in other daily challenges. I'm balking at posting extraplanar adventures in #City23 since the only thread back to Fellport is the lunatic who wants to travel there. So I've already go six posts lined up for the new year. Go me!

Go make something and slap a #Lore24 tag on it. You'll feel better, guaranteed*.

*Not Actually Guaranteed. Don't gripe at me if you don't feel better, but I bet you will.

Wombat's #Lore24 Guidelines

1) Make stuff. As much or as little as you want for an entry. In Yora's words, "turn vague ideas in your mind into concrete words that can be shared with other people." I won't tell if you want to work in a medium other than words, and I think a collection of art illustrating aspects of your world would absolutely rock. Posting to social media directly? Adding to a blog? Got a notebook to fill? Go for it.

2) Any Size. I free you from guidelines about how big an entry should be. If it's a three-word entry with a hashtag posted on Mastodon like a #3Kernels entry, GREAT. Four-paragraph blog post? GREAT. If it's a ten-page opus detailing an entire calendar of saint's feasts, GREAT, though I'd suggest breaking that up and collecting it later. Just make something and feel good about sharing it.

3) Any Frequency. Originally conceived as a daily writing challenge, I'm taking a more laid back approach. Sometimes my brain just won't engage, and pushing through is an exercise in futility. Let's not beat ourselves up for a bad day, and just keep writing when you can. I'm at somewhere over 100 entries on my #City23 project right now. I don't think I'll get to the other 250+ posts in the next 2 weeks. That's okay. Let that shit go, and find the joy in creating instead of stewing in the self-directed anger, blame, tension, and shame about missing a day. Or three months, as the case may be.

4) Share It. We make for ourselves, but sharing with others provides validation and might spark ideas in them. Part of the point of having a hashtag is for other people to follow along. Share what you make, if not at first or on the day, at least make it available somewhere for people to find.

5) Share Again. If you find something that resonates with you, or that you just love, or that you didn't consider before, be an excellent online citizen and share it via boost, repost, share, retweet, or retoot. I'll do what I can, but I'm only one person. If we all do this for other participants, we'll all benefit.

Snazzy Logo, Dude.

I talked my wife into creating a little cheeseball 150x150 pixel logo in about 5 minutes. Feel free to download and use them for your #Lore24 posts if you want.

Black on White
White on Black
Black on Transparent
White on Transparent
The previews in the table above suck, but the links work.

Go. Create. Post.

Go forth. Make stuff. Share it. Tag it with #Lore24. When you find other things that tickle you somehow, reshare. Expand your world.

Have fun. We'll see you throughout 2024.

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