The Sly Spider

A run-down boathouse squats on the Dockside, its peeling paint exposing ancient grey driftwood bare siding. A much newer sign slants over the door: a spider with shifty eyes holds a hammer, saw, nails, and rope. A hand-lettered sign on the door reads "Knock Loudly. If no answer, try again tomorrow."

Everyone knows the Shifty Spider as an excellent and inexpensive repair shop specializing in ships. The Half-Elf owner retired from adventuring 20 years ago and set up shop down by the docks. Unfortunately, adventuring can't seem to leave Bez alone, and he disappears for sometimes weeks at a time doing favors for whatever old "friend" found him this time.

When you can find Bez, he'll fit you in as soon as he can, usually the same day. He seems frazzled and unlucky, but his repairs will hold up for years. His secret? His telekinesis can get into odd spots that most normal craftspeople can't, and he can walk on water and Spider Climb to get anywhere he needs to go.

The single-room boathouse workshop contains a small forge and workbench, and the walls are covered with tools of all shapes and sizes. It looks like the tools had some organization back when Bez started, but the scheme has expanded in many odd directions over the past decades. Bez can find anything in short order, but anyone else might lose time or sanity when dealing with this collection.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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