The Rumor Mill - Week 23

We go deep for week 23 of The Rumor Mill, focusing on rumors about the underwater Monarchy of Nelendi. Almost every Nelendi citizen can breathe water, but accommodations exist in every city for air breathers to visit or even live under the waves. Nelendi worships a pantheon of sea gods led by Shuimu, the Mother of Waters who many believe lives in a sea vent at the deepest point of the Holy City of Nenaer. Merchants trade with air-breathing nations far and wide, providing natural riches and mined ores for more refined goods.

So let's take a deep breath and dive in for a closer look at this underwater nation. What wonders will it hold for a party setting out from Fellport?

1Fellport only allows net fishing south of Fellport. Nets to the east incur fines.Yes1
2Any item with continual flame cast on it sells well in the Sea Cities.Maybe2
3Many Nelendi citizens become zealots evangelizing the Mother of Waters.No3
4Nothing beats the efficiency of a Nelendi whale caravan for moving goods.Maybe4
5Nelendi druids can use shape water to remove salt from sea water.Yes5
6Clerics of Shuimu seem unconcerned about hordes of undead roaming the oceans.Maybe6
7Kelp parchment works equally well underwater and on land, and it's cheaper.No7
8Pearls from Nelendi and the Islands sell exceptionally well to mages at the College.Yes8

1 - After several incidents with inadvertently ensnaring Nelendi citizens, Fellport agreed to forbid net fishing near Nelendi.
2 - Nelendi cities exist underwater, so the novelty of a cheerfully burning torch sells. That market bubble recently popped.
3 - Most people in the Sea Cities don't have strong feelings about Shuimu, but the Holy City of Nenaer trains the faithful.
4 - Okulari traders pack cargo most efficiently, often appearing unencumbered. Whale caravans rule the sea lanes for capacity.
5 - Others can learn this secret as well, but Nelendi Circle of the Sea druids learn this trick as part of their training.
6 - Shuimu's clerics hate the undead, but they don't really want a war with the followers of Ooran, Queen of the Drowned.
7 - Kelp parchment gets brittle as it dries out. Linen paper or vellum are cheaper and much more durable on land.
8 - 
Pearls are especially useful as components for divination spells, so traders can charge a premium to spellcasters in Fellport.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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