Fredonia "Hytt" Hyttle

Fredonia grew up in the Surtsey Islands, as her family groomed her to learn the runes and follow the Wise Carver. She had an innate aptitude for runecraft and tattooing, but she always went looking for the truth behind the words. Even the most divine words. She uncovered secrets better left hidden, alienating herself from the clergy. She ended up barely escaping the islands with her life at age 15. That never bothered her, because she believes that living by anything other than the full truth will lead to disaster.

Her early vagabond life had its challenges. She always stuck her nose in where it didn't belong and acted like she did people favors through her meddling. It took her years to figure out that some people wanted to remain ignorant because the truth requires overwhelming effort to deal with the change. She honed her skill in reading people, and she learned how to read lips. With those assets she uncovered even more secrets and shared them, which made her even more unpopular wherever she went. She always seemed to find people interested in paying for what she knew, so she never lacked the funds to do whatever she wanted.

She found herself in Fellport and took a few investigation jobs. While working for the College she met a gnomish author, reporter, and professor of illusionism named Nyssa who seemed equally as obsessed with secrets. They became fast friends, sharing all the secrets they learned and swearing each other to secrecy. They decided to work together, eventually forming Hytt & Nyss Investigations, the premier investigation company in Fellport.

She goes by Hytt at work, though most of her close friends call her Fred. She happily handles the more mundane investigations, charging outlandish rates to figure out who poisoned Muffy the Pomeranian or who the client's spouse took to the party. She can use her talents and make people happy. Magical mysteries end up on Nyss's desk, though she helps out with those fairly often.

She does pro bono investigation work, especially for the poor and the religious. Genna Sinclair of the Divinity Sanctum and the Fellport Council calls her fairly often for sensitive investigations. All the facts in a case ruthlessly drive her to an obvious conclusion, but she sometimes makes the enormous (for her) effort to withhold some details to make a client feel better about the resolution.

She's only seven feet tall, on the short side for a Firbolg. Grey fur covers her face, chest, and belly, but it darkens to a slate brown on her back and arms. She tends to speak in terms of facts without regard for the emotional implications, and she usually knows more facts about any given situation than any other outsider. She can read people easily, analyzing their breathing, eye movements, and briefest expressions, but she can't read the room at all and tends to say things she shouldn't. She has a hard time empathizing with others, but that doesn't keep her from trying, usually in the most awkward way possible.

Fredonia "Hytt" Hyttle
Firbolg Inquisitive Rogue (Level 15) (Acolyte Background; Observant and Skill Expert Feats)
Str 12  Dex 18  Con 11  Int 14  Wis 16  Cha 8
Acrobatics* +14, Insight* +13, Investigation* +12, Perception* +14, Religion +7, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth* +14

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