My Plans for Lore 24

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We're currently 4 days from the new year, and 4 days from #Lore24 kicking off. I hope you'll be writing something this year as well, regardless if you're "officially" participating in it or not. Since the kickoff is so close, I thought I'd jot down some ideas about what I'm looking to do during this project.

Fellport Expanded

As my #City23 project, I detailed pieces of Fellport, the central city in my current D&D 5e game. I'm at 115 entries right now, and I'm hoping to hit 120 or 122 before the end of the year. I've got another 18 entries stubbed out at the moment, so I think I can make that happen. 122 entries puts me at an average of one entry every 3 days for the year, and I'm happy with that given I had months over the summer where I only wrote one entry.

The current plan keeps me in this world, detailing things far beyond the city limits. I have sketches of the Dunhill Confederacy, the Okulari Steppes, the Ionian Republic, the Barbary Coast, the Ndali Kingdom, the Yamagura Empire, Andalusia, and others that I mentioned in 2023. I want to write those down and add them to the world, and those are just a handful of countries. There's so much more to discover here, and that's what I want to do in 2024.

Writing Whenever

For the past few weeks, I've been stealing time at night to write. If that's the time I have, that's the time I'll use. I'm not going to sweat about posting daily. It would be nice for consistency's sake, but I'm going to write what's in my head when it's there and not beat myself up for missing a day. I made that mistake in 2023, and it led to weeks where I felt too guilty to write anything. I hope I'm past that, but I know it's still lurking in my head.

So for 2024, I hereby give myself permission to skip days. I'm not going to force myself to write when I don't have the time, the spoons, or the capacity to do so. I want to create things and feel joy in the making, and a schedule just doesn't seem to work for me at present.

Organizing Entries

I've got the Fellport Index set up in my intro post for #City23 with links to all the writing I've done (OK, =almost= all entries. I keep finding things I didn't add to the list. Oops.). I'll probably replicate that in its own entry and add to it. That way, if I'm still working on Fellport in 2025 I can just add to the Main Index without spending time figuring out how to switch between project hashtags like I'm doing right now. We'll see how this pans out when I tackle it in the next few days.

I also need to go back and add links within entries. The early ones didn't have much crosslinking at all, while later entries like The Grey Rover and all her officers, have links galore. So yeah, there's still some cleanup to do while I mine old entries for ideas to expand.

EDIT 15Jan24: Here's everything I've posted with the #Lore24 tag. I've also moved the index to its own post and added anchors for The Fellport Index and The Beneterra Index, even though it's all contained in one post.

What Kind Of Stuff Will We See?

Honestly, potpourri and ideas pulled from a hat are all fair game. I have some broad strokes left over from this year, like the Fellport Council and some of the larger groups in the city, plus all the associated NPCs, but I really enjoy making small things like magic items. Writing magic items usually goes quickly for me, and I find it really satisfying.

Suffice to say that the whims of fate will guide me, and you're invited along for the ride.

Please stay tuned for further looks into the world around Fellport. And thank you for reading!

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