Cliffside Walk

The Cliffside Walk runs on top of the defensive wall on the southwestern side of Fellport, from Cliffside Spire at the top to the Lightspire at the bottom. It affords the best view of the jagged cliffs running down to the sea, and many a young couple have watched the sun set somewhere along its length. Well-worn stairs climb the wall at every level, allowing ready access along the way.

This old wall has never seen much battle, as the terrain outside the walls prevent all but the most dedicated traveler. As a result, some of the interior structures have fallen into disrepair, though the Walk itself remains steadfast through yearly surveys and testing.

Rumor has it that some old tunnels run from inside the walls out amongst the cliffs, providing hidden platforms to rain down arrows and incendiaries on ships approaching from the west. The City Guards who patrol the Cliffside Walk actively discourage explorations of these rumors.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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