The Rumor Mill - Week 7

Rolling into week 7 of The Rumor Mill, we find some stories about some of the higher-profile members of Fellport society. From the rich and powerful to simply the popular, all manner of untruths grow in the public imagination, and it's up to us to set the record straight. Some untruths have been repeated so often that they're accepted as truths, and some mysteries have a simple explanation. Occam's Razor does more than shave, as they say.

For now, enjoy another 8 micro-tales and wonder if you will ever ascend to the ranks of fame in Fellport.

1Terry Duncan must have had relationships with half the city by now.Yes1
2I don't know why the Atreyan family left their estate on Topside, but it's for sale.Maybe2
3Bert DeSilva manages the Grand Odeon, but he has no idea how to handle rentals.No3
4Lady Amaryllis performs magic experiments at her estate outside town.Maybe4
5The Heroes of Fellport recovered the Scepter of Light after their mentors died.Yes5
6Genna Sinclair has taken a vow of chastity as an officer of the Divinity Circle.No6
7Allan Kemp claimed he invented sea shanties in one of his shows.No7
8Emma Gardner may be old, but she knows everyone with money and power.Yes8

1 - Terry loves talking to people, and he usually falls in love along the way. He's second in command of the Watch Reserves.
2 - This is fallout from the excellent adventure The Festival of Magic (affiliate link), as uncovered by my gaming group.
3 - Bert lives his life in barely controlled chaos, but he charges what he can get away with and skims a few coins off the top.
4 - Lady Amaryllis isn't a spellcaster, but she has a staff to figure out better ways to grow food, including pocket environments.
5 - Truth. This plot came from the adventure A Hero's Journey (affiliate link), which was the first adventure in my current game.
6 - The Divinity Circle accepts all faiths, from Bacchus to Vesta, and they require no vows. Genna (she./they) is aro and ace.
7 - He may have gathered popular sea shanties and exposed them to the rich, but they have been around for hundreds of years.
8 - As the founder of the prestigious Garden Manor Society, she regularly sees all the movers and shakers in Fellport.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
For all city posts, see the Fellport Index. For posts about the wider world, see the Beneterra Index.

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