Phase Silk Kimono

A blue kimono with a white cloud motif.
Wondrous item (robe), very rare or legendary (greater) (requires attunement)

The Yamagura Empire harvests silk from phase spiders as well as from silkworms. Textiles made from this phase silk preserve some of the extraplanar properties of phase spiders with very little magical encouragement. Phase silk weighs half as much as regular silk for the same thickness, so a phase silk kimono typically weighs 1-2 pounds and does not inhibit movement. Only the Yamagura Empire produces these items, though the Okulari in the far west rarely find enough phase silk to make tunics with similar properties.

The phase silk kimono grants a +1 bonus to the wearer's Armor Class and saving throws. Using a bonus action, the wearer can cast the blink spell which lasts for 1 minute or until dismissed or dispelled. This property of the kimono can't be used again until the next dawn. Arcane spellcasters favor this kimono, and most are created for a specific individual, though they magically resize to fit the wearer during the attunement process.

The greater version grants a +2 bonus to the wearer's Armor Class and a +1 to saving throws. In addition to the blink ability, the greater phase silk kimono allows the wearer to cast the shield spell as a reaction twice per day, with any spent uses returning the next dawn. Instead of blocking the incoming attack, the wearer partially phases to the ethereal plane to avoid damage. Additionally, the wearer can cast the etheralness spell as a full-round action, lasting up to 8 hours unless dismissed or dispelled. This property of the kimono can be used once per week, available for use again at the 7th dawn after it was used.

Phase silk appears silvery-grey in color, and it shimmers and shifts. Most phase silk kimonos stick with blue or grey color schemes, usually with silver or gold highlights. Kimonos are rarely seen outside the Yamagura Empire, so wearing one would turn heads even in cosmopolitan Fellport.

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