The Rumor Mill - Week 13

We're scheduled to post this on April Fool's Day, so let's gather the most ridiculous rumors for week 13 of The Rumor Mill. (Then my cable modem bricked on Monday and I lost half a day replacing it. April Fool, I guess?) Many of these stories sound far too outlandish to be believed, and yet, they still maintain a kernel of truth. In a world of magic, stories like these remain firmly in the realm of the possible, just not terribly likely.

So let's hear what people on the street say that flirt with the edges of credulity. If any of these untrue rumors spark your interest, feel free to contrive a Rube Goldberg-esque explanation on why they must be true.

1The Atreyan children hurt people during the Festival of Magic, so they're in jail.Yes1
2Nazar is actually an archfey among mortals, researching fate manipulation.Maybe2
3Shadow spirits use the Penny Chestnut as a portal, wreaking havoc at the Pub.No3
4There's something in Fellport's water to tame people and make them complacent.Maybe4
5Secret portals to other planes lie under the Amaryllis Estate outside of town.Yes5
6The Caps have a magic prison on campus where they can pick your mind apart.Maybe6
7The Divinity Sanctum holds orgies. How else would all those clerics get along?No7
8Pirate ghosts haunt Execution Wharf, seeking vengeance for their deaths.Yes8

1 - This is also why the Atreyan Estate is for sale: their father abandoned it in shame. See The Festival of Magic (affiliate link), 
2 - Nazar appears as a middle-aged elf, easy enough for a fey. As a Diviner, he can manipulate fate. Heck, this might be true.
3 - The Pennypint Pub has been there for 90 years, helping people down on their luck. If true, they should be overrun by now.
4 - Fellport's water comes from Crystal Lake, and it's magically purified before entering the Raceway for use as drinking water.
5 - Lady Amaryllis maintains various planting environments underground, many of which use portals to elemental planes.
6 - The Caps at the College have cells to block magic and hold powerful wizards, and they use detect thoughts for questioning.
7 - Sure, kids sneak into the scaffolding to make out, and various gods of pleasure and love have shrines, but holy orgies? No.
8 - You can hear the whispers of the dead under the gibbets, and the Watch hires adventurers to put down the occasional ghost.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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