Dragon Peak: Trial of Water (Level 2)

Trial Of Water Level Map
The stairs up from the Trial of Earth end on a familiar-looking landing with white onyx inlaid in the floor spelling out "Trial Of Water" in Draconic. The archway opens onto a forest glade being drowned out by an overflowing fountain. Trees stand around the edge of this small clearing, and several fallen trunks and branches litter the area, sticking up through the standing water. Green dragons circle, spewing clouds of gas and hastening the transformation into swamp. A twenty-foot-tall water elemental rises from the fountain, scanning the area for intruders. Once again, stepping through the arch gives the illusion of entering an expansive new environment rather than a circular room.

The water rises to the level of the landing's floor, concealing the actual floor under six inches of water. Anyone entering the room will draw the elemental's attention, and it will shoot a water geyser at any intruders (+7 attack, doing 2d8 bludgeoning damage, plus the target is knocked back 10' and lands prone unless they succeed on a Strength DC 14 saving throw). Damage done to the elemental will heal the next round, since it uses the endless water supply to reform any injury.

The water and fallen trees makes the entire chamber difficult terrain. Slimes (ochre jellies or black puddings, depending on how much trouble you want to give your PCs) lurk under the water, attacking with surprise if anyone gets close enough to them. The hidden slimes will use opportunity attacks whenever they can. The water may conceal other traps, such as acid puddles from the slimes (does 2d6 acid damage, succeed on a Dexterity saving throw DC 13 for half damage). Broken bits of sticks and branches may act as concealed caltrops as well. Use your best judgement in springing these hazards on your PCs.

On the far side of the fountain, perceptive characters see a short altar slightly taller than the outer wall of the fountain. Investigation reveals a sealed chamber containing a scroll tube. Removing this tube breaks the illusion, dispelling the elemental and making the walls visible. An arch exposes a stairway up to the next trial.

The overflowing fountain is real, as is the altar and scroll. Drinking from the fountain will heal 2d8+5 hit points and restore all strength damage done by the shadows in the Trial Of Earth. The altar looks carefully generic, featuring symbols of elemental water but not much more specific than that. It gives the impression of a wizard's idea of how a divine altar should look, or a stage prop that avoids anything containing actual power or identity.

Opening the scroll case reveals a stiff parchment with a part of the Breath of the Recurring Scale prophecy, but this version includes five couplets rather than the four couplets that the Dragontouched know about.

The parchment handout for my game.

The couplets read as follows:

The Son of Earth, in Water Lost;
     Touches Dark and Wields Sunlight.
The Child of Glades, a Flowing Shade;
     Provides the key and counts the cost.
The Summoned Thought, with Mantle Bright;
     From Objects takes Profound Advice.
The Orphan Drake, of Flaming Ice;
     Uncertain, Forceful, Unafraid.
The Twilight’s Ward, in Moonlight Thrive;
     Unseen by Seers, Keeps Hope Alive.

These five couplets provide the key to solving the puzzle and opening the final door after solving the five trials.

My original notes for this chamber:

A fountain in a clearing appears through a flooded forest turning to swamp. A Water Elemental in the fountain shoots jets of water, green dragons circle and breathe, and slimes grab from below. A scroll tube behind the fountain contains the 5 couplets and a pouch of diamond dust. The water will heal 2d8+5 HP and restore lost strength.

Things that evolved during play:

  • See invisible reveals the various slimes hiding under the water. It will also expose the various pockets of acid pooled randomly around the room.
  • Casting ray of frost will split a slime into two smaller slimes. It also freezes a five foot square of water for a round. Maybe a larger cold spell will freeze the whole chamber.
  • The party took some of the fountain water in a stoppered vial. I'm on the fence about whether this will heal anyone who drinks it outside of this room. Maybe it acts as a straight healing potion?

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