Door Plaque

Door Plaque created to protect a respectable establishment
One of the more infamous
Door Plaques in Fellport
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

Originally designed to secure a door and make it harder to bypass, this enameled metal sign comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It can include a name or a number to blend in with other, non-magical signs, and when attached and attuned, neither the plaque nor the door will radiate magic, as with a Nystul's magic aura spell. Any plaque design invariably includes at least two holes, allowing workers to nail or otherwise attach the plaque to a door.

To activate a Door Plaque, first attune to it. Once attuned to a creature, attach it to a door and leave it alone for 24 hours. At the end of that time, the plaque will transfer "attunement" to the door and no longer take up a creature's attunement slot. The door becomes shadowy and indistinct, fading into the background and becoming more difficult to notice. The DC to break the door or pick the lock on it increases by 10, as if under the effects of an arcane lock spell. If the door breaks or if someone picks the lock, the door will make more noise that it would naturally, booming when it splinters open or squeaking loudly when the lock's bolt slips back. Using a knock spell will negate all of these effect, making the Door Plaque inert for 10 minutes.

When worn on a chain or cord around a creature's neck and attuned to, the Door Plaque provides several benefits for the wearer. The plaque's shadows grant the wearer a +1 bonus to AC and a bonus +1d8 on Dexterity (stealth) checks. However, if the wearer rolls a natural 1 on a Dexterity (stealth) check, the plaque will somehow magically augment the failure, perhaps by amplifying the crack of a snapping twig or reflecting candlelight off a buckle directly into a guard's eyes. The wearer also gains a +10 bonus on rolls to resist disarm attacks and detect pickpocket attempts.

Many credit Alton Stonehollow, the current Dean of Abjuration at the College, with the creation of Door Plaques, though Alton insists that he merely improved designs that already existed. He teaches the formula for creating Door Plaques to his third-year lab students. He sold several Door Plaques to various clients in Fellport years ago to help fund his studies.

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