Pinkie Wingate

Pinkie came into the world before her time, a tiny pink baby that nobody expected to survive in the Low Dales town of Orapalus. Her farmer parents (Felix and Claudia Lucia) loved their fourth child deeply, and she managed to thrive uder their care with her own sheer force of will. She grew tall and pretty in adolescence, strong and lithe and headstrong. Her father died on her 14th birthday at the hands of a Trogol (Swamp Troll), a servant of Viri the Swamp Hag. Pinkie focused on revenge, trained hard with weapons and flaming oil, joined the guard on her 18th birthday, and eventually volunteered for the third expedition that finally killed both the Trogol triplets and Viri. At 20, Pinkie Wingate stood tall for one of Hominae Vitae (Halfling) stock, but her height and a drive to protect the innocent made her an ideal squad leader for the Orapalus town guard, her home back in the Low Dales. 

Only a year after that, she met Doyle Wingate on his walkabout, and within another year joined him in Fellport after a short courtship and grand wedding. Settling into the Wingate family business of running the Pennypint Pub took some adjustment, but she manages the bar as if born to the role. She immediately volunteered for and still serves with the Fellport Watch Reserves to keep her martial skills sharp. She trains new recruits on how to fight dirty once a month, and she has an annoying habit of making daggers appear to threaten vulnerable spots when sparring.

Pinkie has a deep loyalty to her husband, strong opinions on right and wrong, and no reservations about being heard over others, doubly so if they rudely capitalize the spotlight. She keeps her rapier under the bar for emergencies, and five daggers hidden on her person at all times while working, but she prefers to user her tongue and cutting voice to browbeat the selfish and cruel until they decide to leave. She wears her honey-gold hair in a pageboy cut, sometimes clipping it back to keep it out of her face. Her green/hazel eyes still enchant her husband after twenty-two years of marriage and eight kids, and the dusting of freckles complete the stunning farm girl package. Her smile alone can smooth over a potential fight, but gods help the poor soul who invokes the thunder of her temper.

Pinkie Wingate
Lightfoot Halfling Swashbuckler Rogue (Level 3) (Soldier Background)
Str 13  Dex 16  Con 12  Int 10  Wis 12  Cha 14
Athletics +3, Acrobatics +5, Intimidation* +6, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand* +7

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